P. Gregory Warden, Southern Methodist University
Michael Thomas, The University of Texas


Directors Greg Warden (left) and Michael Thomas (right).

 Opening Report  Final Report

Opening Report - Greg Warden:

Students and staff discuss reopenedTrench PC 32 during site orientation


Students opening new trenches PC 34 and 35 during the first week of excavation


Conservator Chris White and Lab Supervisor Courtney Brasher with schnabelkanne


Director Greg Warden and Field Director Robert Vander Poppen with guest



Final Report

Trenches PC 34 and PC 35 during Week 4 in 2008


View from the west of Trenches PC 34 and PC 35 at the end of the 2008 field season


Greg Warden photographs a deposit in Trench PC 34


2008 Poggio Colla Site Plan


Michael Thomas and Ivo van der Graaff shoot final photos


Jess Galloway, Greg Warden, and Ann Steiner: morning meeting



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