Community Services
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Community Services at SMU-in-Plano


Community Services

SMU-in-Plano offers a variety of services to support instruction and learning while serving the needs of the community.


  • Dispute and Conflict Mediation Services
    Mediation and arbitration services are offered to qualified parties.
  • Dyslexia Diagnostic Center
    Established in response to a community need for services that evaluate individuals for learning disorders related to reading acquisition and comprehension.
  • Library Resource Room
    Accommodates group and individual study, and is equipped with computers to provide access to all campus-wide available electronic library resources.
  • Youth Summer Programs

    Experiential learning workshops for ages K-12.

  • Center for Family Counseling
    The Center assist individuals and groups seeking to enhance their overall life functioning, interpersonal relationships, self underatanding and career satisfaction for optimal well being.



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