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Master of Liberal Studies


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Behavioral Science, Fine Arts, Humanities,

Science and Culture, and Social Science


Education for careers is indispensable in our society, but it often is not enough to satisfy the passions of "great and generous minds." For them, satisfaction comes only with explorations through the wide realm of ideas.


Graduate Liberal Studies Programs offer challenging interdisciplinary study to adults working toward a master's degree while maintaining a career. These programs provide alternative approaches to continued learning for mature students seeking both depth and breadth of study.Usually in a flexible format, that accommodates non-traditional study, these students often devise unique courses to suit their individual interests.


How useful is an MLS degree?


SMU's MLS offers courses in specialized learning which creates professional sharpness

and technological advances but that are also structured to make it broad based,creating perspective.The exchange of viewpoints in a classroom filled with a diverse group of professional adults, led by a distinguished faculty member provides learning that is of the greatest use. In today's business world of global transactions, fast-paced change, and floods of information – the ability to think critically and contextually about a wide range

of issues is vital.


Traditional Clusters of Study With Real World Implications


Courses are clustered according to the Behavioral Sciences, Fine Arts, Humanities, Science and Culture and the Social Sciences. Students have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of study or to design their own.The Fall 2009 Concentrations will cover:


  • Humanities- art,philosophy,religion,theology,literature,and history
  • The Arts and Cultural Traditions-visual,musical,theatrical,societal,and historical
  • Global Studies-economical,political,cultural,and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Peace and Social Justice-peace,justice and human rights
  • Gender Studies-gender as it relates to all aspects of human life and experience
  • Self-Design-design own concentration within all of the curriculum



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