Viewing Student Financial Accts & Printing an Acct. Snapshot

This topic covers viewing the Student's School and Units Billed, Academic Program/Plan, Enrollment Summary & Class Information, Account Details & Item Details, Viewing Anticipated Aid and viewing/printing a current or history snapshot of the student's account.

Read the information below and click on the appropriate step. If an action is required of you click on the colored box on the screen.  If no action is required simply click "Next Step".


  1. Click the Student Financials link.   Step 1
  2. Click the View Customer Accounts link.   Step 2
  3. Enter the desired information into the ID field.    Step 3
  4. Click the Search button.   Step 4
  5. Click the View All link to view all rows of data.   Step 5
  6. This page displays the current balance on each account type by term. The STUDENT001 account contains tuition, General Student Fees, meal plans, housing, payments related to these items, Financial Aid credits, refunds, etc. The MISC001 account contains library fines, parking fines, payments related to these items, etc.

    You will notice that charges and Financial Aid credits always stay with the term with which they are associated but personal payments may move from one term to a previous or future term depending on the the account balance.   Step 6
  7. Click the Academic Information link.   Step 7
  8. This page displays the student's Career, Primary Program, the number of Units for which the student has been billed by term & accumulative, the Academic Level and the Academic Load.    Step 8
  9. Click an entry in the Academic Plan column.   Step 9
  10. This page displays the Academic Plan for the student.   Step 10
  11. Click the Return link.   Step 11
  12. Click an entry in the Enrollment column.   Step 12
  13. This page displays the enrollment information for the specific term that was selected.   Step 13
  14. Click an entry in the Class Info column.   Step 14
  15. This page displays specific information regarding the time and location of the class that was selected.   Step 15
  16. Click the Return link.   Step 16
  17. Click the Return link.   Step 17
  18. Click the Return link.   Step 18
  19. Click an entry in the Account Details column.   Step 19
  20. Click the View All link.   Step 20
  21. Click an entry in the Item Details column.   Step 21
  22. This page displays specific information about the payment or charge.   Step 22
  23. Click the Return link.   Step 23
  24. Click the Return link.   Step 24
  25. Click the View Anticipated Aid link.   Step 25
  26. This page displays anticipated aid which may have already been applied to the student's account. You must be aware of this when viewing anticipated aid. Aid is anticipated until it is disbursed.    Step 26
  27. Click the Return link.   Step 27
  28. The Cur Snap and Hist Snap functions will create either a snapshot of the student's current term transactions or you can run it to display all transactions for the current term and all previous terms.   Step 28
  29. Click the Cur Snap button.   Step 29
  30. Click the Refresh button over and over until the Status says "Posted".   Step 30
  31. Click an entry in the Details column.   Step 31
  32. Click the View Log/Trace link.   Step 32
  33. Click the U_SFSNAP_0000000.PDF file link.

    Example: Click the U_SFSNAP 2561635.PDF Name column.   Step 33
  34. The student's account for the current term is now displayed and can be printer from the Adobe tool bar.   Step 34
  35. Click the Adobe Print Icon object.   Step 35
  36. Click the appropriate printer list item.   Step 36
  37. Click the OK button.
    The student's snapshot will print on the selected printer.   Step 37
  38. Click the Close button.   Step 38
  39. Click the Close button.   Step 39
  40. To run the process for all terms, current and past, click the Hist Snap icon and follow the steps outlined for creating a current snapshot.   Step 40
  41. Click the Return to Search button.   Step 41

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