Adding a Waitlisted Class

  1. Add the desired class.
  2. If the class is full and the Wait List option is available, check the box directly under the "OK to Waitlist" column (see figure 1 below).
  3. Click Submit.
  4. If successfully added to the Wait List, a Success/Message link will display on the screen under the Add Status column of the class you have waitlisted.
  5. To view your waitlisted class(es) and your position on the Wait List, go to View My Schedule.  Check the "Show Waitlisted Classes” box to see your waitlisted classes. Click Refresh Class Schedule (see figure 2).
  6. As space becomes available and if you meet all class requirements, you will be automatically enrolled in the class and sent an e-mail notification of this change. The e-mail notification will be sent to your SMU e-mail account. (see figure 3 below).


                                FIGURE 1


                               FIGURE 2

                                FIGURE 3