What are you doing this summer?

Students are lining up summer plans to travel, research, volunteer and work around the globe, and many will be chronicling their experience on one of SMU’s hottest sites: Student Adventures.

Since its founding two years ago, Student Adventures has received more than 680,000 hits. Students have shared remarkable stories through their blogs, journals and photos, such as:

  • Christina, who spent Spring Break on the Civil Rights Pilgrimage
  • Amelia, who directed the play Locust for the New Visions, New Voices festival
  • Lydia, who helped victims of India’s sex trade
  • Robert, who saw a dinosaur print in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Taplin, who did conservation work in South Africa
  • Maria, who traveled the world, recording her experiences

This summer’s cast of Adventurers includes:

  • Jonathan, who’s headed to SMU-in-Oxford after SMU-in-Taos
  • Susan, who will be in Phoenix with Teach for America
  • Katherine and Megan, who are attending Geology Field Camp in Turkey
  • Chester, who’s been accepted to a prestigious surgery program in Houston
  • Sheila, who is spending the summer at SMU-in-Oxford

Do you have what it takes to be a Student Adventurer?  Read more about it here. Also, read about other Student Adventurers.

If you have an adventure you’d like to share, let us know. Message Joan Jackson at or Sarah Hanan at

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