January 25, 2008

Correction to media reports of student assault

SMU wishes to correct recent erroneous media reports that an SMU “instructor” is implicated in a possible drugging of a student at a location off campus. The suspect in this case is not an SMU professor, instructor or staff member.

When the student notified SMU police of the incident, she was offered assistance through the Office of Student Affairs, the normal procedure in such cases. She also was referred appropriately to the Dallas Police Department, which has jurisdiction for investigating off-campus incidents in Dallas.

SMU will, of course, cooperate in any way with that investigation. In addition, until the matter is resolved, SMU has asked the suspect not to enter the SMU campus grounds for any activities, and he has agreed. We are concerned first and foremost with the well being of our students, are confident that the appropriate authorities are pursuing this matter, and will continue to monitor the progression of this case.

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