Feb. 6, 2008

Tate Lecture Series Presents Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen at SMU
Martin Sheen at SMU

Award-winning actor and human rights activist Martin Sheen was the featured speaker for a Tate Student Forum and Tate Series Lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 5, at SMU.

Videos of the Lecture and the Forum are available online:
 • The Tolleson Lecture - Part 1
 • The Tolleson Lecture - Part 2
 • The Turner Construction Co. Forum - Part 1
 • The Turner Construction Co. Forum - Part 2

Or download to your iPod:
 • The Tolleson Lecture (80 min./301 meg)
 • The Turner Construction Co. Forum (50 min./190 meg)

The following is from the Feb. 6, 2008,
edition of The Daily Campus.

Martin Sheen fits in at Tate Lecture

By Peter Goldschmidt
Associate News Editor

The Hughes-Trigg Ballroom became a Hollywood scene when actor and human rights activist Martin Sheen answered questions at the Turner Construction Student Forum last night.

Students from SMU and surrounding high schools began congregating more than an hour early to hear Sheen speak. So many people attended that many had to watch his presentation from the Hughes-Trigg Theater.

"I love so much of Martin Sheen's work," 15-year-old Amy Pool said. "I flipped out when I heard he was coming to SMU. I made sure I got the best seat in the house."

Sheen first began acting on Broadway in 1964. In the 1970s he had a role in the television series "The Execution of Private Slovik" for which he receive an Emmy nomination. Sheen is best known for his staring roles in both "Apocalypse Now" and White House drama series "The West Wing."

"Before I joined the cast of 'West Wing' my only requirement was that I could not play another president," Sheen said.

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