President Turner's Letter to SMU Students From Areas Affected by Hurricane Katrina

September 13, 2005

Dear Student:

Our records indicate that you and your family may live in an area that has been affected by Hurricane Katrina. I want you to know that we are concerned and, if you have been affected, SMU wants to help.

If you havenít done so already, you may find it helpful to speak with someone at SMUís counseling center, which has already helped many students. I would encourage you to call 214/768-2211 and schedule an appointment today. There is no cost to you.

Also, if you are facing a different financial situation as a result of Katrina, SMU is providing financial aid counseling. Please call 214/768-3417 to schedule a financial review.

We have partnered with Highland Park United Methodist Church in aiding the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but we especially want to help you and your family if you find yourselves in need of clothing and other items. Joy Roberson, director of college ministries for HPUMC, has graciously offered to help in any way possible. She may be reached at 214/523-2116.

Finally, it is possible that you may have other needs or concerns not addressed in this letter. I have asked Dee Siscoe, dean of student life, to be the point person for dealing with any other issues that you may have. Please donít hesitate to call her at 214/768-4564 should you need anything.

We at SMU are devoted to your well being as you pursue your educational goals and stand ready to assist in any way possible.


R. Gerald Turner