Statement on Rental of McFarlin Auditorium for 'Darwin vs. Design'

Under SMUís procedures for making appropriate campus facilities available for community events, McFarlin Auditorium has been rented by the Discovery Institute April 13-14, 2007, for a program titled ďDarwin vs. Design.Ē

SMU policy requires that groups using campus facilities must have a University organization as a co-sponsor. In this case, the Christian Legal Society, a student group in the Dedman School of Law, is co-sponsoring the event. Although SMU makes its facilities available as a community service, and in support of the free marketplace of ideas, providing facilities for those programs does not imply SMUís endorsement of the presentersí views.

In this case, the Departments of Anthropology, Biological Sciences, and Geological Sciences in SMUís Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences wish to reaffirm their commitment to applying rigorous scientific principles to teaching and research on the subject of evolution.

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