April 19,2010

George W. Bush Institute’s Conference on Cyber Dissidents

The Conference on Cyber Dissidents: Global Successes and Challenges, being held today on the SMU campus, is the inaugural event of the The George W. Bush Institute’s Area of Focus on Human Freedom and includes the Institute’s first two Visiting Fellows in Human Freedom — Oscar Morales of Colombia and Mohsen Sazegara of Iran.

Blogging live from the conference is Kathleen Tibbetts of SMU Public Affairs.

The Conference deals with political movements in repressive societies seeking to promote greater freedom of speech, religion, political and economic participation.

The event brings to Dallas a number of active dissidents from China, Cuba, Iran, Russia, Syria and Venezuela, all of whom make significant use of the Internet and other digital media tools in their advocacy for greater freedom in their countries.

These dissidents from around the world are being joined by scholars, democracy advocates and current and former officials of the U.S. Department of State in a discussion of trends in cyber-dissent, both on their own and within the broader context of dissident activity and the movement for freedom around the world.

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