Students' Chipotle entry in Times Square

SMU student Alexandra Edwards stands in Times Square in front of the JumboTron, which is playing "The Wall," a Chipotle ad she co-created and starred in.

Two ads created by SMU advertising and cinema-television students for Chipotle Mexican Grill's "30 Seconds of Fame" ad contest are now running on the JumboTron in New York City's Times Square, making them the first-ever student-created ads to do so.

The nationwide contest's winning entry, “The Wall,” and a runner-up, “The Dryer,” began running in December and will continue through January, appearing 16 times daily.

On Oct. 24, 2006, Chipotle uploaded entries from 22 universities – including six from SMU – to for two rounds of competition. The winner of the first round would be based on quality and the second round winner would be decided by total views of their entries.

On Nov. 3, Chipotle announced that an eight-member team of SMU students had submitted the best commercial and were the winners of the first round's $20,000 prize for "The Wall. Jim Adams, executive director of marketing for Chipotle, described the SMU students' work in glowing terms, citing the powerful way it captured the Chipotle brand. He also offered high praise for the ad's original music and high production value.

The $20,000 prize money was awarded to the students and their academic departments. Members of the winning team included Alexandra Edwards (ADV), Jordan Mathis (CTV), Nick McCarthy (CTV), Kyle McCook (ADV), Sarah Nolen (CTV), Jason Shipp (ADV), Sirichai "Tex" Sirisawat (ADV) and Peri Wilson (ADV).

On Nov. 17, when the counting of views ended, Chipotle executives announced that SMU team's "The Wall" had placed second behind the University of Nebraska's "Dady." "The Wall" drew 7.7 million views while "Dady" got 8 million. The University of Nebraska's team received the round's $10,000 prize.

"The Wall" displayed on the JumboTron in Times Square.

Overall, fifteen students from the Meadows School of the Arts entered the contest -- nine majors in the Temerlin Advertising Institute and six from the Division of Cinema-Television. Working in two teams, each group conceptualized, wrote, filmed and edited three 30-second spots. Other SMU students who participated in the competition include Kirby Carlberg (ADV), Jack Gallivan (ADV), Travis Mabrey (CTV), Matthew McFerrin (ADV), Sunil Sam Padiyara (CTV), Brad Skeba (ADV), and Brent Turman (CTV).

Faculty advisors for the entries were Assistant Professor Mark Kerins of Meadows' Division of Cinema-Television and Assistant Professor Glenn Griffin of the Temerlin Advertising Institute.

Facts Worth Noting
(Courtesy of BusinessWire)

Total Views:
(as of 2 p.m. MT 11/17/06)
  • All “Most Viewed" submissions: More than 17.3 million
  • “Most Viewed winner, “Dady”: 8,007,634
  • Most Viewed runner-up, “The Wall”: 7,763,368
YouTube Achievements:
  • “Dady” and “The Wall” ranked the top two Most Viewed YouTube videos during the month they were posted
  • “Dady” and “The Wall” included in the Top 20 Most Viewed YouTube videos of all time
  • “Dady” and “The Wall” included in the Top 5 Most Viewed Entertainment videos of all time

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