Students, Clements Center Examine Border Issues

Conference Set for Saturday at SMU

Senior journalism students and SMU's highly respected Clements Center for Southwest Studies are involved in separate projects that examine border issues between the United States and its neighbors to the south.

Four students, funded by a grant from the Meadows Foundation, are spending several days in El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, producing multiple stories for SMU-TV. Read more about their work and see a sample video. More will be available later on the SMU website, once the project is completed.

On Saturday, March 24, 2007, the Clements Center will co-sponsor a day-long seminar, "Bridging National Borders in North America."

"Bridging National Borders in North America" will convene an international group of scholars to discuss the history of borderlands in North America. In the past century "Borderlands" has become shorthand for the U.S. Southwest and the Mexican north, yet little attention has been paid to the border dividing Canada and the U.S. despite a similarly rich history.

This conference aims to correct that oversight. In an era when all of North American's borders are growing economically, demographically and politically more important, it is imperative to cast light on the collective history of theses regions. Sharing knowledge on First Nations peoples, labor migration, industrial growth, political policies, and environmental trends, this conference will illustrate how the shared histories of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans hold lessons for all North Americans and beyond.

The conference is co-sponsored by SMU's Clements Center for Southwest Studies and The Department of History at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia.

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