Year 2005 | Volume 12    Southern Methodist University


In fiscal year 2003-04, sponsors awarded $19,658,689 to SMU for direct and indirect costs of research and sponsored projects. The total is a marked increase compared with funding awarded in previous years: $13,752,118 in 2002-03 and $11,010,791 in 2001-02.

Funding sources for the $19,658,689 were: federal agencies, $17,353,629 (88.27 percent); foundations, $1,043,909 (5.31 percent); state and local government agencies, $921,034 (4.69 percent); and corporations, $340,117 (1.73 percent).

Schools and divisions that received funding were Dedman College, $7,752,800 in 58 awards; the School of Engineering, $2,667,940 in 30 awards; and the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD), $7,953,868 in 12 awards. Receiving one award each were Dedman School of Law, $799,134; Perkins School of Theology, $150,000; and Cox School of Business, $15,947. Nonacademic departments reporting to the Provost Office received eight awards for a total of $319,000.

Of the 69 project directors/investigators, 32 received $100,000 or more in aggregate funding as lead investigators. They are listed in alphabetical order:

Vladimir Ajaev, Mathematics, “Collaborative Research: Fundamental Studies of Vapor-Liquid Interfaces with Phase Change in Microdevices,” National Science Foundation (NSF).

John Attanasio, Law, “Rule of Law Forum,” U.S. Department of State.

U. Narayan Bhat, Research and Graduate Studies, “Graduate Research Fellowship Program,” NSF.

David Blackwell, Geological Sciences, “Application of Thermal Techniques for Exploration, Evaluation, and Assessment of Geothermal Resources,” Department of Energy; “Synthesis of Dixie Valley and Great Basin Data,” Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC (BBWI).

Mary Brouillette, Theology, “Theological Programs for High School Youth Sustainability Program,” Lilly Endowment Inc.

John Buynak, Chemistry, “Library Synthesis Targeting Resistant Bacteria,” Department of Health and Human Services; “Design and Synthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Medicinally Important Enzymes,” The Welch Foundation.

Nell Carvell, Learning Therapy, “Child Care Training,” Dallas County Local Workforce Development Board.

Marc Christensen, Electrical Engineering, “The Role of Integrated Micro-Laser Array Technology in Future Autonomous and Networked Battlefield Sensors,” Army.

Marc Christensen and Dinesh Rajan, Electrical Engineering, “Analysis of Irregular Sampling for Information Efficient Sensors,” Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Marc Christensen and Betsy Willis, Electrical Engineering, “Rewarding Achievement and Promoting Success: Strategic Support to Foster Tomorrow’s Diverse Engineers,” NSF.

Deborah Diffily and Patricia Mathes, Institute for Reading Research, “An Empirical Evaluation of the LEAP Curriculum,” Texas Instruments Foundation.

Margaret Dunham, Computer Science and Engineering, “Collaborative Research in DAta in Your Space (DAYS),” NSF.

Hesham El-Rewini, Computer Science and Engineering, “Partnership Between SMU and ITESM Campus Monterrey (Monterrey Tech) in Information Technologies with Emphasis on Software Engineering,” U.S. Department of State; “Partnership Between SMU and the University of Tunis el Manar (UTM) in Information and Communication Technology,” USAID; “Scholarship for Talvar Gholar,” The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Gary Evans, Electrical Engineering, “Grating Fabrication for Corrugated Polymer OptoElectronic Technologies,” Louisiana Board of Regents.

Gary Evans and Jerome Butler, Electrical Engineering, “Commercialization of High-Energy Efficiency Grating-Outcoupled Surface-Emitting Semiconductor Lasers,” Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board; “Photonic Device Development,” Xinmau Investment Company.

Richard Gunst and William Schucany, Statistical Science, “Gulf War Illness Research Program,” Department of Defense; “A Project to Investigate Innovative Ways of Analyzing Neuro-imaging Data and Associated Records of Human Subjects (UTSouthwestern/USAMRAA/DOD),” U.S. Department of Defense.

Christopher Hayward, Geological Sciences, “Design, Implementation, and Installation of a Seismic Array for Detection and Characterization of Ambient Noise Fields and Man-made Signals at Near Ranges,” Army; “Synergistic Study of Collocated Seismic and Infrasonic Arrays,” Army.

Eugene Herrin and Paul Golden, Geological Sciences, “Operation and Maintenance of the TXAR Array,” Air Force; “Regarding Efforts Required to Begin the Installation Phase for Infrasound Array 160US,” Army; “The Operation and Maintenance of Three IMS Primary Seismic Arrays,” Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO); “Regarding Efforts Required to Begin the Installation Phase for Infrasound Army 160US,” CTBTO.

Yildirim Hurmuzlu, Mechanical Engineering, “Production of an Ultrasound Base Multiphase Flow Meter – Phase III,” ARAMCO Services Company.

Richard Jones, Biological Sciences, “Polycomb-Group Genes and Gene Regulation (Yr. 11),” National Institutes of Health.

Ernest Jouriles and Renee McDonald, Psychology, “Domestic Violence and Child Aggression,” National Institutes of Health.

Jeffery Kennington, Engineering Management, Information, and Systems, “Improving Scheduling Procedures for SST Truck Company, LLC,” SST Truck Company, LLC.

Jeffery Kennington and Eli Olinick, EMIS, “Optimization-Based Design Strategies for DWDM Networks” and “Opaque Versus All-Optical Networks,” Department of Navy.

Radovan Kovacevic, Mechanical Engineering, “Development of Rapid Manufacturing Equipment for Research, Training, and Education,” NSF; AWS Graduate Fellowship Grant (D. Jandric), American Welding Society; “Development of Rapid Manufacturing Equipment for Research, Training, and Education (Teacher Supplement to Project #G000600),” NSF; “Development of Information Systems for Hybrid Rapid Manufacturing Process – RET Supplement,” Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Choon Sae Lee, Electrical Engineering, “Window Antenna for Satellite Communications,” Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

John Maguire, Chemistry, “A Study of Syntheses, Structures, and Reactivities of Metallacarboranes with Constrained Geometries,” The Welch Foundation;

Patricia Mathes, Institute for Reading Research, “Interagency Education Research Initiative,” Department of Education; “NCEE-English Language Acquisition Evaluation Research Program (Project ELLA),” Department of Education; “Oracy/Literacy Development in Spanish Speaking Children (University of Houston/NICHD),” National Institutes of Health.

William Orr, Biological Sciences, “Thioredoxin Peroxidases, Oxidative Stress, and Aging,” National Institutes of Health; “Glutathione, Oxidative Stress, and Aging,” National Institutes of Health; Cellular Aging and Oxygen-Free Radicals (USC lead),” National Institutes of Health; “Protein Targets of Oxidative Damage During Aging,” National Institutes of Health.

Geoffrey Orsak, Electrical Engineering, “Infinity-Digital Signal Processing Curriculum Development,” Texas Instruments Inc.; “Launching the Texas Engineering Education Pipeline: Deploying The Infinity Project Statewide,” Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Geoffrey Orsak and Michael Acosta, Electrical Engineering, “Science Summer Camp,” Dallas Independent School District; “Mathematics Summer Camp,” NSF.

William Pulte, Education, “Master’s Program in Bilingual Education with Gifted and Talented Focus,” Department of Education; “Supplemental Certification in Bilingual Education,” Department of Education; “Bilingual Education – Professional Development,” Department of Education.

Ne’Shaun Robinson-Jones, Pre-College Programs, “Upward Bound Program,” Department of Education.

Lawrence Ruben, Biological Sciences, “TRACK Regulates Cytokinesis in Trypanosoma brucei,” National Institutes of Health.

Ryszard Stroynowski, Physics, “The U.S. Atlas Research Program: Empowering U.S. Universities for Discoveries at the Energy Frontier,” NSF; “G-Link System,” Brookhaven Science Associates, LLC; “High-energy Physics – Theory (travel funds for Dr. Yongsheng Gao),” Department of Energy.

Ryszard Stroynowski and Jingbo Ye, Physics, “Acquisition of Instrumentation for Radiation Hard Optical Electronics Design and Testing,” NSF; “High-speed Optical Sources for High-energy Physics Data Acquisition (Photodigm, Inc.),” U.S. Department of Energy.

Brian Stump, Geological Sciences, “Calibration of Source and Propagation Path Effects In and Around the Korean Peninsula,” Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA); “Regional Geophysical Discrimination Support Multiple Arrays,” Air Force; “Test and Physical Evaluation of an Integrated Suite of Discriminants in Mining Regions in the United States and Russia,” Department of Energy; “A Comparative Study of Natural and Man-induced Seismicity in the Yanqing-Huailai Basin and the Haicheng Area, China,” DTRA; “Development of a New Seismo-Acoustic Array Element,” Air Force.

Stephen Szygenda, Computer Science and Engineering, “An Integrated Approach for Circuit Design Validation,” Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Steven Vik, Biological Sciences, “Quinone Binding Sites in Complex I and Their Possible Role in Disease,” American Heart Association Inc.; “Interactions of Membrane Proteins,” The Welch Foundation.

Patty Wisian-Neilson, Chemistry, “Cyclic Alkyl/Aryl Substituted Phosphazenes: Functional Molecules with Specific Shape and Directionality,” The Welch Foundation; “Cyclic Phosphazenes,” The Welch Foundation.