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The development of creative thinking is an integral part of university education, and research is both a facilitator and a result of that process. Rating systems such as the one developed by U.S. News & World Report incorporate the quality of research conducted at a university, or the reputation resulting from that research, as one component. The classification system developed by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching depends on research as well. The placement of a university in a Carnegie Foundation class is perceived as an indication of the level of ongoing research in that institution. Currently SMU is classified as a Doctoral I University – with 40 or more doctorates awarded a year in five or more disciplines. In the proposed system for 2000, it likely will be included in the Doctoral/Research Universities I classification – with 50 or more doctorates awarded a year across at least 15 disciplines.

The quality of research carried out in a university depends on the quality of faculty, students, and facilities. SMU recently has recruited some additional outstanding faculty, and one of the major objectives of The Campaign for SMU: A Time to Lead, begun three years ago, is the improvement of research and teaching facilities. Improved facilities help attract high-quality students, as well. The new Meadows Museum, to be completed in spring 2001; the Dedman Life Sciences Building, scheduled for completion in 2002; and the Jerry Junkins Electrical Engineering Building are a direct result of this effort.

The features included in this volume of SMU Research attest to the quality of ongoing research at SMU. The article on inventions and patents offers a glimpse into the commercialization process for SMU research and its value outside the University environment. This issue also highlights two of SMU’s best researchers – art historian Annemarie Weyl Carr and Southwest historian David Weber. The shorter features describing the interests of several other faculty members illustrate the diversity of research on campus. The Research News, Sponsored Research, Faculty Recognition, and Faculty Publications sections all provide a picture of research vitality throughout the University.

We are grateful for your interest and encouragement, and we look forward to your continued support. Thank you.

U. Narayan Bhat
Dean of Research and Graduate Studies

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