Contact: Victoria Winkelman or Kami Duncan
SMU Meadows School of the Arts
(214) 768-3785 or (214) 768-2788

October 7, 2002


Sculpture size: • Dimensions: 26 ft. wide, 68 ft. long
• Total weight: 35,800 kilos (approx. 79,000 pounds)
Bars: • 129 bars, each 6 in. x 6 in. x 26 feet
• Weight: 200 kilos (approx. 441 pounds) per bar
• Material: reinforced hollow steel, completely covered with a quarter-inch thick coating of bronze.
• During sculpture's wave motion, each bar rises and descends a total of 6 ft.
• The bars are collectively powered by one motor. Shear pins in each bar allow individual bars to stop movement, if needed.
Pool: • Dimensions: 40 ft. wide, 90 ft. long
• Water is 4 inches deep
• Water appears to disappear over edge of pool. This "vanishing edge" concept came from discussions with consultant Kelly Hartwig, who also served as a consultant on the Oklahoma City Memorial, which employs a similar concept.
Lighting: The pool has two rows of recessed underwater lights, one row on each side of the sculpture, hidden in troughs.
Designer: Santiago Calatrava
Manufacturer: Sculpture manufactured by EMEBE of Valencia, Spain
Architects of Reflecting Pool Good, Fulton & Farrell of Dallas; Project Lead was Maria Gomez
Landscape Architect: The Office of Christopher Miller, Dallas
Pool Contractor: Constructors & Associates, Dallas
SMU Project Manager: Gil Hinojosa

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