Jan. 6, 2007


DALLAS (SMU) – SMU’s Institute for the Study of Earth and Man (ISEM) received a gift of $25,000 from Jack Hamilton, an ISEM trustee, given in memory of William B. Heroy Jr, former president of ISEM and professor emeritus of geological studies.  The gift is to initiate the Heroy Geoscience Student Support Fund in the institute, which supports research in the geosciences and archaeology at SMU.

“This gift is intended to recognize Bill Heroy’s lifelong commitment to the geosciences and his understanding of the importance of financial support in preparing future geoscientists,” said Hamilton, a longtime associate of Heroy in the senior management of the Geotechnical Corporation and in the Geotechnical Division of the Teledyne Corporation.

Heroy joined SMU in 1969 as the vice president of finance and then became a professor in the geosciences. He succeeded his father as president of ISEM in 1971. Heroy donated journals and papers to the ISEM reading room, based on the personal library of his father, to provide academic support to the geology and anthropology departments. 

Heroy had leadership roles in a number of professional organizations at the local and national level, including the Dallas Geological Society, the Dallas Geophysical Society, the Geological Society of America, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the American Geological Institute.

“This gift is a fitting way to commemorate Bill Heroy’s life and contributions, and we at ISEM are deeply grateful,” said Louis L. Jacobs, ISEM president and professor in geological studies. “We share Jack Hamilton’s hope that the fund will grow and support a growing number of students in the geosciences.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to the Heroy Geoscience Student Support Fund should make the contribution to The ISEM Foundation, in care of Dr. Louis L. Jacobs, ISEM at SMU, Box 0274, Dallas, Texas 75275-0274, and indicate that the contribution is for the Heroy Fund.

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