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April 3, 2003

Harvard Economist to Talk about the Bush Tax Plan

Professor Robert Barro, a renowned macroeconomist at Harvard University, will discuss elements of the Bush Tax Plan on Friday, April 4th, at noon in 175 Crow, Cox School of Business. The event is sponsored by the Economics Club and co-sponsored by the Cox Buyside Club.

Professor Barro is highly regarded for his work in macroeconomics, particularly in economic growth. From speaking at the London School of Economics to writing for the Wall Street Journal and Business Week, his views on macroeconomic policy issues are both widely known and well respected.

Recently, he has written articles in Business Week and other magazines on the proposed Tax Plan of the Bush administration. The topic fits well with his expertise in macro policies and growth. Barro believes that the tax plan represents a win-win scenario. "The reforms will promote investment and productivity. And if deficits result, they will curb government spending," writes Barro in the February 2003 issue of Business Week.

The one-hour lecture Friday concludes with a question and answer session. For further information, contact the president of the Economics Club, Francisco Villagran, at , or visit the club's website at