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June 6, 2003

Getting A Harry Potter Education

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kids in the Harry Potter summer classDALLAS (SMU) -- Parents: Want to make Harry Potter a little more educational? Try the SMU Summer Youth Program.

With the summer release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, kids throughout the nation are casting spells over their parents to buy every Harry Potter product available. But at SMU, it's the parents who get to cast the spell of education over their children.

kids in the Harry Potter summer classUsing LEGO MovieMaker Set software, students make their own Harry Potter movie, reenacting scenes from a book, frame by frame. When it's completed, the movie is saved on the SMU website and can be downloaded by the students or friends and family. And just like any big movie premiere, the students host their own movie screening (complete with popcorn) for mom and dad.

"Our job is edutainment. We allow the kids to take something they're interested in -- in this case, the concept of building and characters from Harry Potter -- and teach movie magic and film techniques," said Richard Abbondanzio, science curriculum director and lead science teacher for grades one through seven at The Hockaday School.

kids in the Harry Potter summer classThe class is three hours each day and lasts five days. For more information about SMU's Summer Youth Program visit or call 214/768-5433.