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May 8, 2002


DALLAS (SMU) -- Southern Methodist University will offer a variety of summer workshops for students in grades K through 12 in two- to five-day programs at the SMU-in-Legacy facility in Plano. Workshop sections will be offered at various times throughout the summer, with some beginning June 3.

Program topics include computers, software, electronic technology, Legos, science, mathematics, art, foreign language and communications. For a brochure or more information, call (214) 768-7245.

Examples of some of the newer workshops offered in summer 2002 include:

  • “The Chamber of Secrets: Book Two” is a new literature adventure course that allows students entering grades 4 through 8 to learn about the second year at Hogwarts School of Wizardry, based on the Harry Potter book series by J.K. Rowling. Students will deal with the themes of justice, respect, loyalty, courage and the power of truth and love. Students will solve mysteries, fight evil and employ the magic of chemistry as a tool, an art and a diversion as well as learn how speaking the truth can disarm their foes. Cost of this five-day course is $155.
  • “Harry Potter Lego Studio” is a new five-day Lego camp for students entering grades 4 through 8 to use their imagination and creativity to film stop-action or continuous video with Lego Studio hardware and Harry Potter Lego sets that include the Hogwarts Express, the Hogwarts School castle and Hagrid’s Hut. Students will learn to make their characters fly, change into newts or completely disappear. Cost of this course is $155.
  • “Science Magic in Action” is a new hands-on science course that lets students entering grades 3 through 7 perform experiments that seem like magic using magnetism, electricity, gravity, geometry, chemistry, light waves, water, mirrors and air pressure. This five-day course puts creativity and curiosity to work, and each experiment is safe. Many of the experiments the students will be able to do at home to impress their family and friends. The course is taught by Dr. Herb Weinstein. Cost of this five-day course is $140.
  • “Online Comics: Published on the Web” is a new course that teaches students entering grades 6 through 11 how to create web-based comic strips and a Web site, using the software tools of Dreamweaver 4.0, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Flash 5.0. The course provides those who love to draw with a vehicle to display their artwork and stories. Those who are not graphic artists can use a digital camera or scanned images to create a collage of storyboard panels. Creations will be saved on a Web site for a limited time so students can share their storytelling and artistic creations with their family and friends. Cost of the course is $390.