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June 15, 2000


DALLAS (SMU) -- Summertime might mean school is out for students, but for professional educators, summertime is the time to learn.

Southern Methodist University is offering several courses and workshops for teachers to sharpen their skills in a variety of areas.

  • "Children & Responsible Decision Making" is a noncredit seminar by author and consultant Alfie Kohn for educators to teach how to give their students more opportunities to make choices for themselves. It will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Monday, June 18. Kohn will discuss teachers' use of "pseudo-choice" to perpetuate teachers' own control and how research shows students learn more effectively when they are allowed to control what happens to them. Students making decisions about everything from how their classrooms are decorated to how their learning is assessed. For registration and fee information call (214) 768-1311.
  • SMU's "Advanced Placement Institute" gives junior high and high school teachers of advanced placement students the opportunity to explore the latest methods and curriculum topics in a variety of disciplines. Workshops in mathematics, French, U.S. history and computer science for beginning teachers are offered June 18-22. Workshops on English, Spanish and advanced computer science are offered June 25-29. Tuition for the AP Institute is $395. For registration and more information call (214) 768-7245.
  • SMU's "Gifted Endorsement" program provides teacher training and education credits leading to state teacher certification in gifted education. The Gifted Students Institute also offers programs for academically gifted youth and parenting workshops. The goal is to enhance the intellectual, social and psychological development of gifted students. For more information call (214) 768-5437.
  • SMU's "Bilingual Endorsement" program provides 12 hours of graduate credit for teachers to become state certified to teach bilingual classes. For more information call (214) 768-2346.
  • SMU's "Mastering TEKS for TAAS 8th Grade Social Studies" is a three-hour credit course that gives teachers left- and right-brained learning strategies for helping students master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in U.S. history, mandated by the Texas Education Agency. Cost is $771. For more information call (214) 768-1311.