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Feb. 21, 2001


DALLAS (SMU) -- Five Southern Methodist University students recently received awards for their research during the school's annual Graduate Student Research Day. Each winner received $100 from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Julie Long received the award for Biological Sciences for her research on the E. Coli ATP synthase. Long's adviser is Professor Steven Vik.

Mahmoud Almasri received the award for Electrical Engineering for his development of an advanced thermal detector for use by NASA. Almasri's adviser is Professor Donald Butler.

Rongmao Zhou received the award for Geological Sciences for his work in developing new algorithms to improve modeling of mining explosions. Zhou's adviser is Professor Brian Stump.

Qiaoyuan Jiang received the award for Mathematics for her paper on solving a type of equation that has applications in the simulation of petroleum reservoirs and groundwater aquifers. Jiang's adviser is Professor Zhangxin Chen.

Ivan Kmecko received the award for Mechanical Engineering for his research on theoretical and experimental rapid prototyping technology. Kmecko's adviser is Professor Radovan Kovacevic.

More than 50 students from eight departments presented their research at the event.

In addition to the awards presented by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies, Ericsson Inc. gave four prizes to electrical engineering students who are engaged in telecommunications research.

Victor Stolpman received a $500 prize for his research on new algorithms to give T1-level connectivity to wireless devices and Tom Oh received a $300 prize for his research on fast rerouting in IP switching networks to restore service in the event of failures. Stolpman's adviser is Professor Geoffrey Orsak and Oh's adviser is Professor Tom Chen.

Mark Gavin Kokes and Amitabh Dixit each received $100 prizes for their research. Kokes has developed a new approach to data embedding and Dixit has developed a new technique for using multiple cell sites to improve the performance of cellular devices. Kokes' adviser is Professor Jerry Gibson and Dixit's adviser is Professor Geoffrey Orsak.

This is the third year that Ericsson has presented awards to SMU engineering students who are involved in telecommunications research.