The following is from the Oct. 12, 2007, edition of The New York Daily News. Mark Vamos, an SMU business journalism professor, was a source for this story.

Fox hopes to show that it means business


Anchor Neil Cavuto won't spill details on what the new Fox Business Network will be Monday, but he says the tone can be found in the five business shows already airing on The Fox News Channel.

"We believe in speaking English and speaking clearly," Cavuto says, just days before the launch.

"We're not going to define ourselves by some arcane movements in arcane indexes," Cavuto says. "We'll define ourselves by relevance."

The new channel, led by industry veteran Cavuto and staffed by a gaggle of attractive on-air personalities, is Fox's attempt to repeat history and muscle into a marketplace where another network already has a toehold.

CNBC, the NBC-owned business channel, has been around since 1989 (and was launched by current Fox News chairman Roger Ailes). And Bloomberg News also has a piece of the business news world, as well...

Former business news writer Mark Vamos, a business journalism professor at Southern Methodist University, agrees that there's room for another business news channel.

"Clearly, Fox will do something different than CNBC," said Vamos. "If you have a pension, if you have a job, if you have a car loan, if you have a mortgage, business news matters to you," Vamos says. "And I really think there is a demand for that; business coverage that can put the Fed decision on interest rates into real context. There's a way to make this meaningful to people and relate it directly to their personal financial well-being."

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