The following is from the Oct. 23, 2007, edition of The Daily Campus

Low turnout for drug and alcohol forum

By Tiffany Glick
Managing Editor
The Daily Campus

A meager showing of students and faculty met with the members of the Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention in the Hughes-Trigg Theater on Monday night. Student Senate hosted the Town Hall Forum to discuss the use of alcohol and other drugs in the SMU community.

At the forum, attendees had the opportunity to present the task force with questions, comments and possible solutions to the prevalent abuse of alcohol and drugs on campus. Despite being open to the entire SMU community, the number of audience members peaked at around 140 people.

"I'm disappointed more people didn't come," task force co-chair Thomas Tunks said afterward.

Much of the discussion for those in attendance surrounded the possible implementation of "Good Samaritan" and medical amnesty policies. Many students who spoke seemed to be in favor of such policies.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," said vice chair for student concerns, junior Amber Venz. "I think it will go a long way to change the culture of our campus."

With a Good Samaritan policy, if a student tries to help a friend who was drinking or taking drugs, the student who calls for help would not be punished. Under a medical amnesty policy, a student who asked for help with a medical emergency would not face punishment from the university.

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