The following is from the Aug. 5, 2008, edition of The Dallas Morning News.

SMU Robotics Club places 14th in national competition

The Dallas Morning News

The SMU Robotics Club placed 14th out 25 teams over the weekend in the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition in San Diego.

"We had a string of problems that all stemmed from our first test," said Nathan Huntoon, a team member. "We had to spend all day scrambling to get everything back together."

Last year, the club placed 11th out of 28 teams after their submarine was stolen by thieves out of the backseat of a student's car just days before the competition. The team worked feverishly to rebuild the submarine after police recovered it.

This year, it was quite the opposite.

The team spent weeks building a new model of the submarine and had no troubles before they went to the competition, but they ran into flooding and software problems once the contest began.

"We had a bug," Mr. Huntoon said. "The bug came back and bit us. If we had noticed it, we probably would have gotten fourth. It was a pretty rough week for us."

The University of Texas at Dallas placed 2nd in the competition.

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