The following is from the Nov. 16, 2007, edition of WFAA-TV News. Raj Sethuranman, associate professor of marketing in SMU's Cox School of Business, provided expert commentary for this story.

Lead found in 'mom-and-pop' dollar store toys


In a little more than a week, nine different toys have been recalled for lead contamination.

However, it wasn't the government that ordered the recall. Under current law, companies do them voluntarily.

But News 8 learned that while some major toy importers know they have sold problem toys in North Texas, they have not initiated an official recall. . .

There are two kinds of dollar stores, the major chains and the "mom-and-pop" stores.

Big chains, like Dollar General, tend to take an aggressive approach when recalling toys with lead in them. . .

News 8 went to dollar stores across North Texas to check toys for lead.

While the majority of the toys checked were clean, at a Dollar General, News 8 found three packages of toys with excessive levels of lead.

The company immediately pulled 400,000 units from all store shelves and recalled all the toys.

Dollar General is a national operation with its own supply chain and a brand name to protect.

"What's at stake is not just the loss of sales for that particular brand or product," said Raj Sethuranman, who teaches marketing at Southern Methodist University. "What's at stake is their image and reputation."

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