The following is from the June 22, 2007, edition of The Dallas Morning News

SMU has designs on basketball past

Mustangs push classic look with revamped Moody court

The Dallas Morning News

Artist’s rendering of the restained and repainted Moody Coliseum hardwood.

What's attractive and classic – and what isn't – is subjective. But it's never good to make an all-ugly list.

An columnist ranked the basketball court at SMU's Moody Coliseum among the worst in the country last season, noting his distaste for the massive Pony mascot that stretches almost from key to key.

The negative review – Texas A&M's court was the scribe's pick for ugliest in America, by the way – added motivation when SMU decided to redesign its hardwood. SMU wanted to make sure it got the new court right. The new look is part of a branding strategy across the athletic department that's designed to sell the classic collegiate experience. Old school, if you will.

An artist's rendering of the new design, inspired by an alum's thorough research, is found here. The work, which begins in early July, will take about a month to complete.

The university will stain, paint and recoat the existing floor for approximately $30,000.

"We're trying to go back to our heritage, and hopefully this will last longer than us," said Richard Sweet, SMU's associate athletic director for marketing.

SMU turned to Erik Herskind, Class of '87 and a former track and cross country athlete, and Greenlight, his Dallas-based agency, for help.

"The goal of the project was to create a nationally recognized floor design that leverages the heritage of SMU basketball while remaining relevant to key audiences," said Herskind, who was eager to aid his alma mater. "What's most powerful about this project is that there's a story to this floor design."

Herskind didn't want to just go with some kind of tired template or what's trendy. So he started researching, and was surprised to find that not much had been compiled on hardwood designs.

Now he's done so much, he's considering writing a book.

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