The following is from the May 15, 2007, edition of The Washington Post

Falwell legacy to live on in U.S. politics

By Ed Stoddard

DALLAS (Reuters) - The legacy of Jerry Falwell, the combative U.S. preacher who died on Tuesday, lives on in the White House and a Republican Party divided by the conservative causes he held dear.

Analysts say while his influence had waned in recent years, Falwell was a pioneer in mobilizing evangelical Christians into a political force that pulled the Republican Party to the right on the hot-button issues of God, gays and guns.

Dubbed the "Religious Right," Falwell's movement was instrumental in putting the devoutly Christian George W. Bush into the White House for two terms.

"Falwell was the figure most closely identified with the most important political movement in America over the last 30 years," said Matthew Wilson, a professor of political science at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

"He spearheaded and galvanized the movement of evangelicals into the Republican Party and they became the foot soldiers of the Republican Revolution," he said.

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