The following is from the Nov. 28, 2007, edition of Swiss Radio International. SMU Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson provided expert commentary for this story.

Giuliani shows abortion danger for Republicans

By Ed Stoddard

ARLINGTON, Texas (Reuters) – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is doing surprisingly well among conservatives in his bid for the Republican Party's presidential nomination, but there is one group that will not countenance voting for him.

For a dedicated core of mainly religious voters, abortion is the single issue that will decide their vote, and for them Giuliani fails the test. . .

Giuliani is the front runner in the race for the party's nomination for the presidential election in November 2008. His position supporting abortion rights sits well with socially moderate Republicans but puts him deeply at odds with much of the party's conservative Christian base. . .

"I think the Republican Party will want to be very careful. The pro-life movement has been the centerpiece of the Republican coalition that has won most of the presidential elections over the past 30 years," said Matthew Wilson, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University.

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