The following is from the April 7, 2008, edition of The Dallas Morning News. Marc Peterson, SMU's director of financial aid, provided expertise for this story.

Loans for college harder to find

The Dallas Morning News

The credit crunch is squeezing virtually every part of the consumer world, including one group that can ill afford a shortage of funds college students.

As families are applying for college financial aid or are receiving financial aid packages from schools, they face a landscape of uncertainty and more effort to find funds to pay for their children's education.

There is still money available to students, but you need to know how and where to look. . .

Southern Methodist University doesn't anticipate funding problems for its students, said Marc Peterson, director of financial aid.

"There have been some companies that have left the student loan business, but we do anticipate that there are quite a few companies still providing FFELP (Federal Family Education Loan Program) loans, and that won't be a problem for students," he said.

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