The following is from the Feb. 3, 2008, edition of The International Herald Tribune. SMU Political Science Professor James Hollifield, Director of The John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, provided expertise for this story.

Illegal immigrants come to Texas from inside the U.S. as other states pass tough laws

The Associated Press

HOUSTON — Illegal immigrants are coming into Texas, but not from where one might think.

While Texas shares a border with Mexico, this rush is coming from Oklahoma, Arizona and other U.S. states that have recently passed tough new anti-illegal immigrant laws. . .

Texas' reputation as a welcoming destination has experts predicting more immigrants will come to Houston and other cities in the state. Texas has not passed any statewide law targeting the employment of undocumented workers.

"Texas is still very much an entrepreneurial place, where you can find your place in this economy," said James Hollifield, a Southern Methodist University professor and migration expert. "It's not an immigrant's paradise, but if you work hard and keep your head down you can get ahead."

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