The following is from the March 6, 2008, edition of The Daily Campus.

Students gain an edge in internship preparation

Julene Fleurmond
Contributing Writer

A group of SMU students learned about the importance of obtaining and preparing for internships that would prepare them for success in their future careers on Wednesday.

The Hegi Family Career Development Center's workshop entitled "Land an Internship" gave students the basics of how to make the most of networking and developing their skills now. The event was held in the Hughes-Trigg Atriums.

Representatives from the Career Center explained that internships are now a requirement among most employers, who may not consider students for full-time positions without one, if not several internship experiences. Students were recommended not to wait until their senior year to pursue an internship.

"You can do an internship whenever you're ready, and whenever you're interested," said Elke Hardt Arnold, assistant director of the career center.

Arnold explained how an internship is any career-related experience that allows students to expand their professional skills, explore job possibilities and learn about the world of work. These experiences can be paid or unpaid, and possibly for academic credit.

Arnold advised students to start applying early in the year, since larger companies start recruiting and placing interns as early as January, and some deadlines have already passed. Smaller and local firms may still have openings, but it is best to take note of each company's deadlines.

Arnold also suggests that students explore internships in areas they are passionate about.

"None of you are defined by your major," Arnold said. "Think about how you want to spend your time, what type of environment you want to be in and what skills you have to offer."

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