The following is from the May 14, 2007, edition of The Khaleej Times of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Americans will remember Chirac for Iraq war

WASHINGTON - Outgoing French President Jacques Chirac kept his distance from his US counterpart, George W. Bush, and maintained a relationship with the United States marked by his opposition to the Iraq war.

"He will be remembered in the United States by the manner in which he opposed the war," said Simon Serfaty, an expert with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. "The fact that in essence he was not wrong will not significantly affect the opinion of him held by the majority of the American public."

"Everyone will remember that it was the French president who did not want to support the United States in this war," argued James Hollifield, professor at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. . .

"Chirac had a tendency to treat Bush with some contempt," argued Hollifield. "There is a generational difference between them. It appeared as if a father was speaking to his son. For the American president it was very difficult to stomach."

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