The following is from the Dec. 3, 2007, edition of The Dallas Morning News. The Guildhall at SMU is featured in the following article on jobs in the video gaming industry.

Jobs: Information Technology

Gaming industry morphs

Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

The video game industry has grown up, a maturity reflected in the demand for workers to fill job titles that have as much in common with the movie industry as they do with the game businesses' programmer roots.

"The video game development industry has gone from a garage business to a huge business," said Ron Jenkins, deputy director for development and external affairs for The Guildhall program of Southern Methodist University.

"It's gone from the days when a programmer thought he was an artist and a level-designer ... when 10 guys got together and put together a game."

Current games often require development teams with 100 to 200 people, incorporating skills needed to push the limits of technology and art, Mr. Jenkins said.

The Guildhall offers a graduate-level education in game design, and skills are becoming similar to those seen in movie productions. Artists, for example, might specialize in lighting to set the mood of a scene or to create realistic backgrounds for the action. Others might write scripts to guide the overall experience.

The result is a multidiscipline field with niches for everything from computer science and math to psychology and literature, Mr. Jenkins said. And the industry requires greater diversity, with a need for more women and a greater ethnic representation.

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