The following is from the Feb. 14, 2007, edition of The Daily Campus.

Business students to launch winning website

Kelsey Jukam
News Editor

From left to right, Jennifer McNabb, John Cole, and Rick Collins. Their entry will compete at The Rice Business Plan Competition March 22-24 in Houston.

A team of two Cox School of Business undergraduate students and one MBA student won first place in the SMU Business Plan competition last Friday (02/09/07).

Junior Jennifer McNab, senior John Cole and MBA student Rick Collins took home the first prize of $6,000 and will represent SMU at Rice University's national intercollegiate business plan competition in March.

The team's winning concept is a Web site called "Follow My Band," which will include a comprehensive concert list providing information and communication services to bands and fans.

"This is huge, because music fans won't ever have to miss a concert again," Cole said.

Music fans can register with the Web site and select their favorite artists and choose to be notified when tour dates are announced in their home city or any geographic location they specify. The database will include both mainstream and independent artists.

"I got tired of missing concerts that I didn't know about, and thought, 'There has to be a better way to know when bands are coming to town,'" Cole said. "So we came up with a plan for artists and fans, the ultimate product being a website that shows tons of information about bands."

The Web site will also focus on helping independent music artists gain greater exposure.

Artists can sign up with the Web site to use tools such as the tour syndicator.

Instead of a band submitting tour dates onto MySpace and other Web sites or having to fax a press release to any local tour guides or newspapers, the tour syndicator feature of the "Follow My Band" Web site will do all the work for the bands.

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