The following is from the Dec. 10, 2007, edition of The Dallas Morning News

Learning disability specialist offers study tips

Now that more students with learning differences attend college up 20 percent from 1987* universities such as Southern Methodist University provide special coaching to help students with ADHD and learning disabilities like dyslexia prepare for finals.

Alexa Taylor, learning disabilities specialist for SMU, found that strategies that help such students could benefit anyone who hasn't yet "mastered the art of finals."

Help yourself or your child master finals season with Ms. Taylor's tips:

  • Map out a written schedule. Fill in test times, scheduling small blocks of time for a variety of subjects.
  • Rein in unstructured time. Set a study time for each day and stick with it. Use meals as natural breaks between subjects.
  • Duplicate normal study places. If studying in the library is a habit when class is in session, don't switch to studying in the dorm, where roommates and television can be distractions.
  • Use different study styles throughout the day to avoid burnout. Don't plan to read all day. Instead, alternate working problems, making note cards or working with a study group.
  • Keep up with workouts.
  • Don't neglect basic care. Have regular meals, schedule some down time and don't forget to take any necessary medications.

* The National Center for Learning Disabilities


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