The following is from the Dec. 11, 2007, edition of The Hartford Courant. SMU marketing Professor Dan Howard provided expert commentary for this story.

Shopping Showdown

Courant Staff Writer

Sale-hyped events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already part of Christmas Past. But fear not, for behold there are more good tidings when it comes to bargains as the mega-buying season heads into its final two weeks.

Yep, you may have missed the alleged "big ones" in terms of sales, but experts say similar if not identical, irresistible buys offered to those early seasonal shoppers are still in the offing for late buyers who are patient and wise.

"Retailers will still be offering deals," insists Dan Howard, a professor and marketing department head at Southern Methodist University.

A longtime student of the marketing ways of America, Howard said that the promotions and come-ons offered the day after Thanksgiving and the few days following will likely be repeated in these final weeks leading to Christmas Day.

"The key is to be an educated shopper," said Howard. "You must comparison-shop, and don't let the hype sway you," he advises, warning that too many shoppers "fear" there won't be enough merchandise to go around. "One of the most incredible sales of the year is the day after Christmas, and retailers know it," he continued.

"So they want to sell as much as possible before that and will do what they have to in order to move merchandise. They don't want to be caught with any more post-holiday inventory than they have to."

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