The following is from the Aug. 20, 2008, edition of The Plano Star Courier.

SMU graduate stars in WB web series

By Lauren Carr
Special to the Star Courier

The WB is back in a different way with the launch of a new web series, “Sorority Forever” premiering on on Sept. 8. Each episode will only be two minutes long and will run for two months ending in October.

This unique new web series stars Candice Patton, who grew up in Plano and graduated from Southern Methodist University. After finishing her education, Patton moved to Los Angeles to continue her acting career.

Acting was Patton’s choice for an extracurricular activity when she was younger, but with her success, it developed into a career quickly. She credits her theater professor from Plano East High School, Lisa Hale, saying, “she loved theater pretty much more than anything else. She kind of affected me with that, and that’s when I really got into acting.”

From there on, she continued pursuing her goal of becoming an actress and attended Southern Methodist University where a typical day in the Theatre department was being in class from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Patton’s career took off when CBS’ The Early Show and The Young and the Restless soap opera came to campus. They were doing a soap star contest in which they went around the nation to different college campuses searching for a new female and male to come onto the soap opera. Patton won the contest and joined the cast of the Young and the Restless while she was attending SMU.

Not only has Patton appeared in soap operas, but with the launch of’s new original series, “Sorority Forever” she stars as the character Mercedes.

“It’s a suspense thriller and mystery of the secrets that are going on behind the scenes in the sorority. [My character’s] a sophomore, so she has already been through a year in the sorority. She kind of knows the ropes on how everything works, but at the same time, she’s not a junior or a senior. The story takes place with a group of freshmen who are coming into the new year and are rushing to be part of her sorority. . .,” says Patton.

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