SMU News 2008

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Secrets of the Universe – SMU physicists are playing an important role in this week's activation of CERN's Large Hadron Collider, which is expect to help scientists better understand the origin of the universe. (09/08/08)

National Education Honor – The National Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs has named Professor Richard Halperin, director of the Human Rights Program in SMU's Dedman College, as this year's recipient of its National Faculty Award. (09/08/08)

Mustangs win football home-opener – The SMU Mustangs football team won its first home game under Coach June Jones on Saturday, defeating Texas State 47-36. (09/08/08)

June Cometh Home – The SMU Mustangs football team plays its first home game under Coach June Jones on Saturday. (09/05/08)

National Finalists – Three SMU graduate students in Economics are finalists in the 2008 Data Mining Shootout based on their programming and software skills against competitors from across the country. (09/05/08)

Historian's book celebrates border town – The spunk and spirit of Roma, Texas, a border town that bucked the odds to preserve its identity, is celebrated in a new book by SMU historian Benjamin Johnson, who will be on KERA radio's Think on Monday. (09/05/08)

Tackling college football fantasy leagues – Opinion piece from R. Gerald Turner, president of Southern Methodist University and William E. Kirwan, chancellor of the university system of Maryland. They co-chair the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. (09/03/08)

SMU Expert: DISD's new grading policy – Opinion piece from David Chard, dean of SMU's Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. (09/03/08)

SMU Expert: Google introduces new browser – SMU Engineering Professor Frank Coyle talks to WB33 about Google introducing a new browser. (09/03/08)

Teaching students financial literacy – College students today face many challenges, not the least of which is how to pay for their education and everyday living expenses if they're not living with their parents. (09/03/08)

SMU Expert: McCain's choice of Palin – SMU Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson talks about McCain's selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate. (09/03/08)

Students 'encounter' the Middle Ages – Course helps students encounter the Middle Ages. (09/03/08)

SMU Expert: Gustov was an opportunity – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson talks about the opportunities Hurricane Gustov gave the Republicans. (09/03/08)

Update: The SMU school year begins – From the send-off parties in mid-August to the first day of classes on Aug. 25, the start of school is an exciting time at SMU. (09/01/08)


Register for Family Weekend by Sept. 8 – Set for September 19-21, Family Weekend will include a luncheon co-sponsored by the Mother' Club, barbecue co-sponsored by the Dads' Club before the game against TCU, student talent show, Taste of Dallas dinner and Meadows Museum safari and lunch. (08/28/08)

The SMU school year begins – From the send-off parties in mid-August to the first day of classes on Aug. 25, the start of school is an exciting time at SMU. (08/28/08)

UP ranked among nation's top-earning towns – University Park, home to Southern Methodist University, is ranked 10th among the nation's 25 top-earning towns, according to (08/28/08)

SMU Expert: Gas stations sale sign of times – SMU's Bruce Bullock says ConocoPhillips sale of its gas stations suggests it and its rivals don't see the gas station business improving anytime soon. (08/28/08)

SMU Expert: Predicting corporate scandals – SMU's Steve Kardell predictions the next wave of corporate scandals to make headlines. (08/28/08)

SMU Expert: SAT score still good indicator of potential for success in college – SMU Admission Dean Ron Moss talks about revamped SAT. (08/27/08)

Neanderthals smarter than expected – Findings in a new study led by graduate student Metin Eren of SMU's Dedman College show the Geico commercial featuring Neanderthals got it right - they were not 'stupid.' (08/27/08)

SMU welcomes new dean of students – Lisa Webb, Ed.D., is SMUs new Associate Vice President Of Student Affairs and Dean Of Students, effective Sept. 1. (08/26/08)

SMU Expert: Clinton's convention role risky – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson says the fact that Clinton supporters get featured roles the first three nights of the Democratic convention is risky for Obama. (08/26/08)

SMU Expert: Diet not a factor in sprinters' speed – SMU Professor Peter Weyand says diet not a factor in sprinters' speed and that he expects sprinters to keep getting faster. (08/26/08)

SMU ranked among nation's top universities – Southern Methodist University in Dallas ranks 66th among the nation's top universities in the latest "America's Best Colleges" guide from U.S. News and World Report. (08/26/08)

Google gives SMU alternative energy grant – Search engine giant Google is giving the Geothermal Lab in SMU's Dedman College a grant to improve our understanding of the size and distribution of geothermal energy resources in North America. (08/21/08)

Infinity Project introduces young minds to science – To combat a dearth of engineering students at the university level, the staff of Southern Methodist University's Infinity Project sought to capture young minds early to engage them in a love of science and math. (08/21/08)

Meadows acquires rare portrait miniatures – The Meadows Museum at Southern Methodist University announced today that it has acquired an important series of 29 ivory miniatures by Francisca Ifigenia Mel ndez (1770-1825) representing members of the court and family of King Charles IV of Spain (r. 1788-1808). (08/21/08)

SMU Expert: The risk of doing nothing about oil – Bruce Bullock, director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, talks about gasoline prices. (08/20/08)

Olympic Winners – SMU congratulates North Texas resident Nastia Liukin (right), who attended SMU in 2007, on winning a gold, a bronze and three silver medals and alumna Sara Nordenstam ('06) on winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. (08/19/08)

Send-offs connect new students and parents – At send-off parties across the country this summer, incoming SMU students and their parents connected with fellow SMU families who live in or near their hometowns. See the slide shows. (08/19/08)

Alumna stars in WB33 web series – SMU graduate Candice Patton star's in web series (08/19/08)

SMU Expert: Oil giants' shrinking influence – SMU's Bruce Bullock talks to The New York Times about the shrinking influence of big oil companies. (08/19/08)

SMU Expert: Wireless security concerns grow – Professor Suku Nair of SMU's School of Engineering talks to Fox News about growing concerns for the security of wireless technology. (08/19/08)

Quarterback derby reaches surprise conclusion – The SMU quarterback derby reached a stunning conclusion Monday. Ultimately, execution overruled experience. (08/19/08)

SMU Expert: Are political conventions too long? – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson says, "We are really quite close to rethinking the American political convention." (08/18/08)

Law School Ranks First – Texas Lawyer magazine ranks SMU's Dedman School of Law the best in Texas, based on a survey of students at the state's nine schools. (08/15/08)

June Jones era has Dallas excited – Perhaps the best sign of changing times at SMU is the A-list cast of curious fans who have stopped by two-a-days to check out new coach June Jones and his new-look Mustangs. (08/15/08)

SMU Expert: How to train like an Olympian – Dave Wollman, SMU's director of track and field and cross country, talks about how to train like an Olympian. (08/14/08)

Guildhall camp teaches game creators – NBC 5 television coverage of The Guildhall at SMU summer camp for aspiring game creators. (08/14/08)

SMU Expert: Dallas City Hall corruption case – Professor Fred Moss of SMU's Dedman School of Law provided expertise for CBS 11 News' report on developments in the Dallas City Hall corruption case story. (08/14/08)

Welcome Dean Candelaria of Dedman College – On Wednesday, SMU welcomed Cordelia Chavez Candelaria (right), an award-winning university administrator, as the new dean of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. (08/13/08)

Guildhall finalist for Tech Titans Award – Metroplex Technology Business Council, the largest technology trade organization in Texas, has named the The Guildhall at SMU a finalist in the Tech Titan of the Future University Level category as part of the 8th Annual Tech Titans and Fast 50 Awards. (08/13/08)

SMU Expert:Ross Avenue - no-win situation – Professor Robert V. Kemper, an Urban anthropologist at SMU, says the debate over renaming Ross Avenue is a no-win situation. (08/13/08)

Finding ways to remove the big asterisks – Some of the greatest achievements of the past century are marred by asterisks, which scientists and engineers must find ways to remove, says SMU School of Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak. (08/11/08)

SMU Expert: Congress makes college more affordable – Political Science Professor Cal Jillson says the Higher Education Act is a mixed bag. (08/11/08)

SMU Expert: West Texas ethanol plants may fail – Bruce Bullock, director of Southern Methodist University's Maguire Institute of Energy, says ethanol is a business model 'destined, ultimately, to failure.' (08/11/08)

ExxonMobil names student 'Intern of the Year' – Brittney Titus, an intern at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, was named Intern of the Year as part of the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program. (08/08/08)

Frugal spenders buck downturn – Marketing Professor Dan Howard, chair of the Marketing Department in SMU's Cox School of Business, says frugal spenders often buck economic downturns. (08/08/08)

Campaign '08 enters goofy stage – SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson says most people are only half listening, as the campaign for the White House enters its goofy stage. (08/08/08)

Bank settlements good deal – Professor Alan Bromberg, who specializes in securities law at SMU's Dedman School of Law, says banks' settlements are a rare good deal for investors. (08/08/08)

Craving Competition – SMU alumni, coaches and student-athletes will participate in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing when the games start Friday. (08/06/08)

The Value of the Law – Jeffrey Kahn of Dedman School of Law is carving out an academic niche at the intersection of human rights, counterterrorism, comparative law and U.S. constitutional law. (08/06/08)

Robotics Club 14th in national competition – The SMU Robotics Club placed 14th out 25 teams over the weekend in the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition in San Diego. (08/06/08)

Students celebrate summer of going green – Forty local high school students graduated from the 27th annual ExxonMobil Green Team program on Aug. 1, equipped with newfound knowledge and an appreciation for the environment and going green. (08/06/08)

SMU Expert: Consumer Price Index may not reflect your family's reality – Economics Professor Mike Davis says the Consumer Price Index may not reflect your family's reality in a story by The Dallas Morning News. (08/06/08)

SMU Expert: Cornyn sets his sights on rising in the U.S. Senate – SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson says John Cornyn has set his sights on rising in the Senate in a story by The Houston Chronicle. (08/06/08)


Fun at the Library  – The SMU and University Park libraries recently teamed up for a day of fun with neighborhood children that included reading, face-painting, bubble-blowing and music. (07/31/08)

SMU Expert: Energy as a campaign issue – Bruce Bullock, director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, provides expertise for a CBS News story about energy as a campaign issue. (07/31/08)

SMU alumna releasing second album – Singer-songwriter Kelley McRae is a Mississippi girl. Her 2006 debut, "Never Be," showed off her rich Southern heritage with songs drenched in country, gospel and blues. (07/31/08)

Past, present and future collide at SMU-in-Taos – Archaeologist Fred Wendorf first found Fort Burgwin on NM 518 when he spotted a button from the uniform of a dragoon soldier on a sagebrush mound in 1956 — almost 100 years after the site was abandoned. (07/31/08)

Lure of ancient lamp merits a Fulbright – An ancient and rare bell-lamp, the spoils of wars fought centuries ago, is now leading Ali Alibhai to Morocco on a Fulbright Scholarship where the graduate of Dedman College's Religious Studies program will study lamps and the evolution of lighting in medieval Islamic societies. (07/31/08)

New program emphasizes human rights – There are two things you notice immediately after you step into the office of Dr. Rick Halperin, director of SMU's Human Rights Education Program. (07/31/08)

SMU alumna Harriet Burns was first female designer for Walt Disney Imagineering – Harriet Burns, a 1949 graduate of SMU, was the first female designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. (07/30/08)

SMU testing performance of 'Green Machine' – SMU is testing the performance of a machine that uses recovered heat to create electricity. (07/30/08)

Poetry Man – Poet and SMU English Professor Jack Myers loves words - long and short, complex and simple, lovely and lyrical, shabby and flabby. Thus, his love of penning his thoughts in poetry. (07/28/08)

First-Year Checklist – The first year is an exciting time for new college students and their parents, but it can also be challenging. SMU Parent Liaison Deanie Kepler offers a checklist of things to do and discuss before the start of classes on August 25. (07/28/08)

SMU Expert: Search adds twist to Frisco murder-for-hire case – SMU Law Professor Linda Eads talks about the merits of searching a defense attorney's office in a murder-for-hire case. (07/28/08)

SMU Expert: Texas dollars fill campaign coffers – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson talks about fundraising in Texas for the presidential candidates. (07/28/08)

New men's soccer coach named – Tim McClements has been named head coach of the SMU men's soccer program, becoming the third head coach in the history of one of the most successful programs in the nation. (07/24/08)

Engineering camp raises interest – SMU's Senior Engineering Camp, held this week, seeks to interest high school seniors in careers in engineering. (07/24/08)

SMU Expert: Minyard selling 37 stores – SMU Marketing Professor Ed Fox talks about Minyard closing 37 stores. (07/24/08)

SMU Expert: What happened to geothermal? – Maria Richards, program coordinator for SMU's geothermal lab, talked to U.S. News and World Report about geothermal energy. (07/22/08)

SMU alumnus recommended as first four-star general in National Guard history – Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has recommended the Air National Guards director for a promotion that would make him the first four-star general in National Guard history. (07/22/08)

SMU Expert: High school students struggle with TAKS' written test – Patricia Mathes, director of SMU's Institute for Reading Research, talks about North Texas students struggling with the written portion of the TAKS test. (07/22/08)

Update: Ground broken for Taos improvements – Southern Methodist University broke ground Friday on new student housing at its facility in northern New Mexico as the first phase of planned enhancements to SMU-in-Taos that will make it available year-round. (07/21/08)

Fulbright scholar to study unusual Islamic lamps – Ali Asgar Alibhai, who is completing a masters degree in medieval studies at SMU, has received a Fulbright scholarship to study religious lamps and the evolution of lighting in medieval Islamic societies. (07/21/08)

SMU Expert: Bible courses approved for Texas schools – SMU Religious Studies Professor Mark Chancey talks about a decision by the State Board of Education to allow elective Bible courses in Texas high schools. (07/21/08)

United Methodist Church jurisdiction approves SMU land lease to George W. Bush Foundation – Southern Methodist University statement on the United Methodist Church jurisdiction's approval of SMU's land lease to the George W. Bush Foundation. (07/18/08)

University holds groundbreaking for SMU-in-Taos – Southern Methodist University broke ground Friday on new student housing at its facility in northern New Mexico as the first phase of planned enhancements to SMU-in-Taos that will make it available year-round. (07/18/08)

Robotics Club prepares for San Diego contest – SMU's Robotics Club hopes to win later this month when it tackles an underwater obstacle course as part of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition in San Diego. (07/17/08)

SMU student models for Abercrombie and Fitch – Abercrombie and Fitch model Chaise Mooty, an SMU student, talks about his career. (07/17/08)

Texas Democrats look to Obama to help them rebound – SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson talks about the Democrats' hope that Obama will help them win back statewide offices in Texas. (07/17/08)

SMU new home for tennis championships – InsideOut Sports and Entertainment today announced that the Turpin Tennis Stadium on the campus of Southern Methodist University will be the new home of the Stanford Championships, one of eight events on the 2008 Outback Champions Series, the international champions' tennis circuit featuring the greatest names in tennis age 30 and over. (07/17/08)

SMU golfer qualifies for U.S. Women's Amateur – SMU senior Kate Ackerson qualified for the 2008 U.S. Women's Amateur in exciting fashion on Monday, July 14, winning a playoff for the final spot in the tournament field. (07/17/08)

African journey teaches team about culture and each other – The SMU men's basketball team returned last month after a 12-day trip across Africa to play and teach basketball, and to learn about teammates like Fall, Papa Dia and Mouhammad Faye, all from Senegal in western Africa. (07/16/08)

SMU Expert: Rove criticism helping Romney? – SMU Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson talks about whether Carl Rove's criticism of Mitt Romney is aimed at helping Romney become John McCain's running mate. (07/16/08)

SMU announces football uniform changes – The SMU football team will don new uniforms for the 2008 season, returning to white helmets and white pants and will have three jerseys to choose from: red, white and SMU blue. (07/15/08)

Young conservatives undeterred by liberal politics – Caroline Lewis, the head of SMU's chapter of The Network of Enlightened Women, talks about young campus conservatives being undeterred by trends toward liberal politics. (07/15/08)

Experiencing the World – SMU students are traveling to widely diverse destinations this summer, participating in academic programs and internships, and doing volunteer work. They are blogging about their experiences. (07/14/08)

Longtime Supporter Dies – The Honorable Roy M. Huffington of Houston (right), a longtime SMU benefactor for whom an academic department is named, has died. (07/14/08)

SMU Expert: North Texas clean-air plan questioned – Professor Al Armendariz of SMU's School of Engineering questions the North Texas clean-air plan. (07/11/08)

SMU Expert: No silver bullet for gas prices – Bruce Bullock, director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, said there is no silver bullet for gas prices. (07/11/08)

Girls get up-close look at engineering – The SMU engineering camp, now in its sixth year, exposes girls entering eighth through 12th grades to engineering. It is one of several SMU outreach programs to help close the profession's gender gap. (07/10/08)

SMU awards two students funds to help others – While most college students are spending their summer break making cash, vacationing, or taking summer classes, two Southern Methodist University students from Frisco are using their break to help others. (07/09/08)

SMU Expert: Pickens' energy plan has merit – Bruce Bullock, director of Southern Methodist University's Maguire Energy Institute, says the energy plan proposal by Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens has merit. (07/09/08)

Meadows opens exhibit of inventor's photos – Jack Kilby not only invented the microchip but was a talented photographer whose work goes on exhibit at Meadows Museum for a 10-week run beginning Saturday. (07/08/08)

Clements gift enhances SMU-in-Taos – A $4.9 million gift from former Texas Governor William P. Clements, Jr., his wife, Rita, and others will support improvements in facilities at SMU-in-Taos in northern New Mexico. (07/07/08)

Alum lands 'High School Musical' spot – Last year, Travis Waldschmidt of Coppell graduated from SMU with a degree in dance performance. Now he is performing in the Dallas Summer Musicals' presentation of Disney's 'High School Musical.' (07/09/08)

SMU Expert: Accused shooter faces hate crime charges – SMU Law Professor Fred Moss talks about the merits of hate crime charges being filed against a man accused of committing random shootings. (07/09/08)

SMU Golfer Aaron Stewart blazes his own path – Aaron Stewart, son of the late champion golfer Payne Stewart, is blazing his own path. (07/08/08)

Guildhall to hold video game exhibit and graduation – The Guildhall at SMU will hold two public events this week (July 11-12) surrounding the graduation of its Cohort 8 students. (07/07/08)

SMU Expert: Foreclosures to rise - regardless – SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson says that foreclosures will continue to rise no matter who is elected president because there is no quick fix for the problem. (07/07/08)

SMU Expert: Lost evidence hampers exonerations – Fred Moss, professor in SMU's Dedman School of Law, discusses issues involved in using DNA testing to exonerate those who may have been wrongly convicted of crimes. (07/03/08)

Manners, dress key to internship success – SMU junior John Walker talks with The Dallas Morning News' Sheryl Jean about how proper dress and professional decorum have helped him as a summer intern. (07/03/08)

AARO orients new students to academic life – AARO - held in July and early August - prepares new students and their parents for SMU's academic and social life through two-day orientation sessions aimed at easing the transition to living away from home. (07/08/08)

SMU Expert: SMU Engineering expands outreach – SMU Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak provides expertise for a Robert Miller column on how North Texas engineering schools are meeting the demand for engineers with state-of-the-art programs and facilities. (07/02/08)

Winning a game show takes more than smarts – Alan Brown, professor of psychology in SMU's Dedman College, has done research showing that trusting first impulses may be the key to winning game shows. (07/02/08)


New Beginnings – Throughout the summer, AARO prepares new students and their parents for SMU's academic and social life through two-day orientation sessions aimed at easing the transition to life away from home. (06/27/08)

Thanks For Stopping By – Tony Blair (right), former prime minister of Britain, was among the noteworthy politicians, thespians, journalists, civic leaders and scientists who came to SMU this past academic year, giving lectures and meeting students. (06/26/08)

SMU swimming coaches are Beijing bound – Swimming head coaches Steve Collins and Eddie Sinnott each have accepted positions with Olympics-bound teams. (06/26/08)

Parents' access to student records made easier – SMU offers an easy method for students to grant permission and for parents to access education records online at, the University’s student information system. (06/25/08)

Gasoline guru blogs about pump prices – Bruce Bullock, director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute and an international expert on the oil industry, now regularly blogs about prices at the pump and their effect your wallet and the global economy. (06/25/08)

Kendrick named 2008 AAF Distinguished Advertising Educator – The American Advertising Federation recently named Alice Kendrick, professor in the Temerlin Advertising Institute at SMU, as the 2008 Distinguished Advertising Educator. (06/25/08)

SMU Expert: Airlines reduce seats to raise prices – SMU Marketing Professor Dan Howard talks about a looming financial disaster facing the airline industry. (06/25/08)

SMU Expert: Wal-Mart plans smaller store – SMU Marketing Professor Ed Fox talks about Wal-Mart's plans for a smaller store in Austin. (06/25/08)

Gasoline guru blogs about pump prices – Bruce Bullock, director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute and an international expert on the oil industry, now regularly blogs about prices at the pump and their effect your wallet and the global economy. (06/20/08)

Students answer the call of teaching – A love of being around children and the challenges of affecting their futures draw many students at SMU into teaching. (06/20/08)

Student blogs about researching 'Utopia' – Ashley, a senior, is spending this summer in Paris, sightseeing and researching an 18th-century movement that portrayed China as an idyllic utopia. She writes about her experiences for SMU's Student Adventures. (06/20/08)

SMU Expert: Gay marriage and the campaigns – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson provided expertise for Reuters story on the gay marriage issue and how it will play out in the presidential campaign. (06/19/08)

SMU Treasurer Liz Williams is retiring – SMU Treasurer Liz Williams is retiring. (06/19/08)

SMU Expert: More drilling means cheaper gas? – Bruce Bullock, executive director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, says that "we can't drill our way out of this and we can't conserve our way out either. We need both." (06/19/08)

SMU Expert: Changing relationship between religion and politics – Professor Robin Lovin, SMU's Cary Maguire University Professor of Ethics, talks about the changing relationship between religion and politics in this campaign season. (06/19/08)

SMU Expert: Oil investors remain bullish on energy – Bruce Bullock, director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, and Frank Lloyd, associate dean of Executive Education in SMU's Cox School of Business, say that oil investors remain bullish on energy (06/19/08)

Trio from SMU tryouts appear on Fox's SYTYCD – Three of the top 18 dancers for Fox Television's popular "So You Think You Can Dance" were discovered at the Southern Methodist University tryouts. (06/18/08)

SMU takes 'green machine' for test drive – Southern Methodist University is allowing a Texas Gulf Coast company to demonstrate zero-emission electricity generation on its campus. (06/18/08)

SMU Expert: CPS actions in polygamist sect case a puzzle – Jessica Dixon, who runs the W.W. Caruth Jr. Child Advocacy Clinic at SMU, talks about steps taken by the Texas child protection system in the polygamist sect case. (06/18/08)

Alcohol education program receives NCAA grant – Southern Methodist University's program, Mustang Winning CHOICES, has been awarded a $30,000 grant from the NCAA. (06/18/08)

SMU Expert: Is it the end of the Hummer? – Professor Daniel Howard, chair of the marketing department at the SMU's Cox School of Business, says the pending death of the Hummer is the end of an era. (06/18/08)

Second Life new tool for reaching students – An increasing number of colleges and universities are embracing Second Life as a tool to reach students raised on computers and video games. (06/18/08)

The 'hot' alternative to gasoline – As the search for alternative energy sources accelerates, SMU scientists say an answer may come from an unexpected place - discarded hot water from oil and gas wells. (06/12/08)

SMU Expert: Differences between Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain – SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson talks about Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain. (06/11/08)

Tate Distinguished Lecture Series delivers leaders – The 2008-09 Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series at Southern Methodist University offers variety, informative discourse and uninterrupted entertainment as it brings renowned leaders from diverse fields to share their perspectives with area residents. (06/11/08)

Four Mustangs head to NCAA championships – Four members of the SMU Track and Field will compete at the 2008 NCAA Outdoor Championships, Wednesday-Saturday, June 11-14, at Drake Stadium in Des Moines, Iowa. (06/11/08)

Former SMU President Ad Interim Stallcup Dies – William B. Stallcup Jr., who rose through the academic ranks to serve as president ad interim of SMU during one of the most crucial periods in its history, has died at his home in Ranchos de Taos, N.M., following a long illness. (06/10/08)

Student Makes 'Can Dance' – Chris Jarosz, a dance major at SMU, is among the top competitors on this summer's hit television show, "So You Think You Can Dance." (06/10/08)

SMU Golfer State Champ – SMU golfer Kelly Kraft came from behind Sunday to win the 99th Texas Amateur Championship in Houston. (06/10/08)

SMU hosts video game industry summit – Video game industry leaders and educators from across the country meet at Southern Methodist University to address what many experts say is the video game industry’s number one problem – a critical shortage of skilled professionals. (06/10/08)

SMU Expert: Predictions of $150-a-barrell oil – Bruce Bullock, executive director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, comments on predictions of $150-a-barrell oil. (06/10/08)

Caruth Institute receives TI Foundation grant – The TI Foundation has approved a $349,000 grant to the Caruth Institute of Engineering Education, part of the School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University, to support program management for the Women of TI Fund (WTIF) High-Tech High Heels programs. (06/10/08)

Navy names award for Engineering's Delores Etter – The U.S. Navy’s highest awards for engineers and scientists will be named in honor of Dr. Delores M. Etter, the TI Distinguished Chair in Engineering Education and Director of the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education at the SMU School of Engineering. (06/10/08)

SMU Expert: Why save a species? – Understanding the market forces that drive environmental decisions is a vital yet missing piece of public policy on natural resource management, says Santanu Roy, SMU professor of economics and 2007-08 Ford Research Fellow. (06/04/08)

Getting into college is no longer easy – Getting into the college of your choice is not as easy as it once was. Ron Moss, SMU's dean of undergraduate admission, talks with WFAA-TV about the modern-day competition that didn't exist a decade ago. (06/04/08)

MBA students visit India for 'global immersion' – Dallas-based SMU's Cox School of Business sent all of its first-year MBA students on a global business experience this month through a mandatory program at the Cox school. (06/04/08)

SMU Expert: Engineers - Problems of the poor are not beyond our intellectual reach – SMU School of Engineering Dean Geoffrey C. Orsak writes about engineers' obligation not to forge the poor. (06/04/08)

SMU Expert: Louisiana landowners put mineral rights on eBay – Joseph Dancy, who lectures on oil and gas leasing at SMU’s Dedman School of Law, talks about Louisiana landowners selling mineral rights on eBay. (06/04/08)

Students vie for 'Think You Can Dance' – SMU students were among those trying out for Fox Broadcasting's "So You Think You Can Dance" when it taped its Dallas auditions at SMU on a cold day in January. The tryouts recently aired. See a sample. (06/02/08)

Negotiate more than a salary, negotiate a career – Now that school's out, it's time to see what the world has to offer. SMU's career center director says search smart. Don't just negotiate a salary. Negotiate a career. (06/02/08)

SMU Expert: Obama, McCain need abortion issue – SMU Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson talks with Reuters about the importance of the abortion issue to presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama. (06/03/08)

Find More Than A Job – Now that school's out, it's time to see what the world has to offer. SMU's career center director says search smart. Don't just negotiate a salary. Negotiate a career. (06/02/08)


Engineering Receives $5.7 Million In-kind Grant – Siemens PLM Software, a division of the Siemens Industry Automation Division, gave SMU’s School of Engineering an in-kind software grant valued at $5.7 million that includes engineering software, instructor training and academic support. (05/30/08)

Men's Basketball Team tours Africa – The SMU Men's Basketball Team is taking a 12-day journey to Africa and playing games in Senegal and South Africa. Read their blogs and see their slide shows. (05/27/08)

SMU Expert: Providing perspective on single-member districts – Ruth P. Morgan, author, political science professor emerita and former SMU provost, appeared on public radio and television this week, examining the Dallas City Council's move to single-member districts. (05/27/08)

Mustangs make NCAA Track and Field Regionals – Seven SMU Mustangs have qualified for the 2008 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Regionals, hosted by Nebraska May 30-31. (05/27/08)

SMU Expert: When to sell a stock is key question – Investing requires making tough decisions, but none as tough as deciding when to unload a stock, says Brian Bruce, director of the Finance Institute at Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business. (05/27/08)

SMU Expert: Clinton political gaffe 'serious' – (05/27/08)

SMU Expert: Providing perspective on single-member districts – Ruth P. Morgan, author, political science professor emerita and former SMU provost, appeared on public radio and television this week, examining the Dallas City Council's move to single-member districts. (05/27/08)

SMU General Counsel Leon Bennett to retire at end of year – Leon Bennett, SMU's General Counsel, Vice President for Legal Affairs and Government Relations, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees, plans to retire at end of 2008. (05/23/08)

U.S. Treasurer Anna Cabral speaks at SMU about education and public service – U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral spoke to SMU students, faculty and staff on Thursday, May 22, at the invitation of SMU’s Office of Multicultural Affairs. (05/23/08)

SMU Expert: Texas appeals court rules in favor of polygamist sect – The Texas 3rd Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that the state agency responsible for protecting children from abuse failed to prove that the more than 460 youngsters it seized from a polygamist compound in West Texas were in imminent danger and overreached its authority by taking them from their families. Jessica Dixon, director of SMU's W.W. Caruth Jr. Child Advocacy Clinic, provided expertise for a story on the ruling by The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. (05/23/08)

Dedman College honors alumnus Robert Haley – Robert Ware Haley, whose research has helped improve hospital care and define the symptoms of Gulf War syndrome, was honored as Dedman College’s 2008 Distinguished Graduate earlier this month. (05/23/08)

Update: Video of Athletics Hall of Fame inductions now available online – Video of the inaugural class of SMU's Athletics Hall of Fame is now available online. (05/22/08)

All-clear issued after building evacuation – University Park Fire Department and a Dallas Fire Rescue Hazardous Materials team issued an all-clear Wednesday afternoon after an alarm was activated by a power-washing procedure on the outside of SMU’s hazardous materials structure. (05/22/08)

China Mourns – Ben, an SMU student majoring in history, is spending spring 2008 in Beijing. He blogs about the devastating earthquake that hit China on May 12 and its aftermath. More than 50,000 are reported dead. (05/20/08)

SMU Expert: Career advice for engineers – SMU Engineering Dean Geoffrey Orsak talks about engineers' responsibility to society during a speech at the Mechatronics Expo. (05/20/08)

SMU Expert: McKinney gas explosion – SMU Engineering Professor Al Armendariz talks about McKinney gas explosion (05/20/08)

Update: Big iDeas winners present proposals – The Big iDeas symposium, where winners of the Big iDeas at SMU competition explained why their proposals are important to Dallas and the North Texas area, is now available on video. (05/20/08)

Commencement 2008 – SMU celebrated its 93rd Commencement on Saturday, awarding nearly 2,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. (05/19/08)

SMU Expert: The media and eating disorders – Professors Katherine Presnell and Camille Kraeplin talk about eating disorders on WFAA's Good Morning Texas. (05/15/08)

SMU No. 13 in new university rankings – Forbes Magazine's May 19 edition features the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP) rankings. (05/14/08)

Stallcup Honored – William B. Stallcup, who served as SMU president ad interim during a crucial period in the University's history, has been honored with the Trustee Distinguished Service Award. (05/14/08)

Celebrating Success – SMU celebrates its 93rd Commencement with events for students, faculty, alumni and the entire community. (05/12/08)

Mustangs warm up to change – Feature story by The Dallas Morning News about Mustang Football Coach June Jones' first spring camp at SMU. (05/12/08)

SMU Expert: Partisanship risky for scientists – Professor Tom Mayo, director of SMU's Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility, writes about the risks for scientists who become involved in partisan politics. (05/12/08)

SMU Expert: Wind's effect on gas mileage – Professor Volkan Otugen, chair of SMU's Department of Mechanical Engineering, talks to a television reporter about the effect of wind on gas mileage. (05/12/08)

SMU Expert: Breaking up hard to do – SMU Business Professor David Croson provided expertise for this story about 50-50 partnerships breaking up. (05/12/08)

SMU breaks ground on new Caruth Hall – Engineering education at SMU takes a major step forward with the groundbreaking for the new Caruth Hall for the School of Engineering. (05/09/08)

Tate announces 2008-09 distinguished speakers – Scientists, journalists, diplomats and the most Grammy-nominated artist in history are among the leaders coming to campus as part of SMU's 2008-09 Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Series. (05/09/08)

Liener Temerlin to donate papers to SMU – Advertising legend and humanitarian Liener Temerlin, a member of the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame, is donating to the DeGolyer Library at Southern Methodist University his collection of business papers chronicling most of his 56 years in the communications business as well as his remarkable philanthropic history. (05/09/08)

Heavenly endorsement "gratuitous" – Matthew Wilson, an associate professor of political science at Southern Methodist University, said he's not sure he's ever heard of a candidate campaigning with Christ's name -- until now. (05/09/08)


President's Report – SMU President R. Gerald Turner has accepted 36 of the 38 recommendations from the Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention. He will hold a campus briefing at 2 p.m. today in Hughes-Trigg Student Center. Read the full report, news release and executive summary. (04/29/08)

Sally Ride Science Festival at SMU – About 800 girls launched marshmallows, collected autographs and learned about science and math careers on Saturday at the Sally Ride Science Festival at Southern Methodist University. (04/29/08)

Dean Lawrence elected to UMC Judicial Council – William B. Lawrence, Dean of SMU's Perkins School of Theology, was elected to the nine-member Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church on Monday during the quadrennial meeting of the General Conference in Fort Worth. (04/29/08)

SMU Expert:Where DNA cannot prove innocence – SMU Law Professor Fred Moss talks about Dallas district attorney steping up scrutiny of cases where DNA cannot prove innocence. (04/29/08)

Supporting Scholars – A $1 million gift from John C. and Debbie Tolleson of Dallas (right) will provide additional support for the Edwin L. Cox BBA Scholars Program in SMU's Cox School of Business. (04/28/08)

Women's Golf recognized for academics – The NCAA has honored the SMU Women's Golf Team with a public recognition award for the team's latest multi-year Academic Progress Rate score. This marks the second straight season the Mustang women's golf program has been so honored. (04/25/08)

Paintings' 500-year-old secrets unlocked – Researchers studying a 15th-century Spanish cathedral altarpiece have unlocked 500-year-old secrets involving art, literature, history and religion. Their findings are the subject of a special exhibit at the Meadows Museum. (04/23/08)

Baseball greats talk about 'The Game' – Baseball legends Bobby Brown, Jerry Coleman, and Eddie Robinson took part in a panel discussion on April 17, 2008, marking the opening of the exhibit, The Old Ballgame: Baseball in American Life, at SMU's DeGolyer Library. See a video of the discussion. (04/23/08)

SMU honors longtime civil rights leader Joseph Lowery – The Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery, former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, received the 14th annual Robert O. Cooper Peace and Justice Fellowship Award on April 20 at SMU. (04/23/08)

First Lady receives community service award – First Lady Laura Bush recently was presented the Robert S. Folsom Leadership Award during ceremonies that raised more than $1.3 million for the Methodist Health System Foundation. SMU Board of Trustees member Ray Hunt served as emcee and entertainment was provided by students in SMU's Meadows School of the Arts and José Bowen, dean of Meadows. (04/23/08)

Honors Day celebrates excellence – SMU celebrated academic excellence at the university and departmental levels Monday with the 11th annual Honors Day Convocation. See a slide show of the event. (04/23/08)

It's (Almost) Over – Celebrate the approaching end of the school year on Friday with Mane Event, a campus-wide day filled with entertainment, games, food and fun. (04/23/08)

Methodists hold General Conference – Dean William Lawrence of SMU's Perkins School of Theology talks about the General Conference of the United Methodist Church being held this week in Fort Worth, Texas. (04/23/08)

SMU to host Sally Ride Science Festival – To encourage more young women to pursue higher education and careers in math, science and engineering, the SMU School of Engineering, ExxonMobil and Dr. Sally Ride, America’s first woman in space, have partnered to bring the Sally Ride Science Festival to Southern Methodist University on Saturday, April 26, 2008. (04/23/08)

SMU Expert:Texas king of the corporate hill – Albert W. Niemi Jr., dean of SMU's Cox School of Business, says cost is the number one reason Texas is now home to the most big businesses. (04/22/08)

SMU Expert:Professor talks about papal visit – SMU theology professor Charles Curran, whom Pope Benedict, while a cardinal, dismissed from teaching at Catholic University, talks about the papal visit to the U.S. (04/22/08)

Literary Honor – SMU historian and author David J. Weber (right) receives the prestigious Lon Tinkle Award from the Texas Institute of Letters. The award recognizes excellence sustained throughout a career. (04/18/08)

SMU student injured off campus – A sophomore student was injured Friday afternoon when a car crashed into her first-floor apartment off campus at 3459 McFarlin Boulevard in University Park. (04/18/08)

Pom Squad and Cheerleaders win national honors – SMU's pom squad took first place in the open dance division for the second time in three years at the National Dance Alliance Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship in Daytona Beach, Fla. Cheerleadeers placed second in the Small Co-Ed Division I category. (04/18/08)

Engineering students design for the disabled – SMU senior mechanical engineering students demonstrate their new product designs for people with disabilities. (04/18/08)

SMU Expert: West Texas polygamy controversy – Professor Jessica Dixon, director of the W.W. Caruth, Jr. Child Advocacy Clinic and lecturer in SMU's Dedman School of Law, provides expertise for NBC Nightly News story on West Texas polygamy case. (04/18/08)

Bubien named to C-USA All-Academic Team – Junior Natalia Bubien has been named to the Conference USA All-Academic team for the second consecutive year. Bubien, a three-time C-USA Commissioner's Academic Medal honoree, is the only junior on the team. (04/17/08)

Students present Big iDeas – SMU's Big iDeas at SMU Symposium, where winners of the Big iDeas competition will explain why they believe their projects are important to Dallas and the North Texas area, will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, April 17, in the Forum of SMU's Hughes-Trigg Student Center. (04/16/08)

Celebrating Diversity in the Communication Arts – The Division of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU presents a series of three evening events honoring diversity in the communication arts. (04/16/08)

Help Save The Earth – SMU observes 2008 Earth Week with events and activities ranging from residence hall recycling competitions and student leadership training to free low-flow showerheads. (04/14/08)

Women's Basketball wraps up season with awards banquet – The SMU women's basketball team wrapped up one of the most successful seasons in team history Friday night with the annual team banquet, at which the SMU coaches handed out their team awards. (04/14/08)

Library preserves women's historic papers – SMU’s Archives of Women of the Southwest preserves the papers of notable women’s organizations and their leaders, as well as those of outstanding women in the professions, the arts and voluntary service, including college President Lucy Ann Thornton Kidd-Key. (04/11/08)

Jim Hart, screenwriter and alumnus, honored – Screenwriter and SMU alum Jim "J.V." Hart was back at SMU on Sunday to be honored. (04/11/08)

Indians and Energy – An SMU symposium will examine the volatility of energy development on American Indian lands — a story that contains elements of exploitation, paternalism and dependency as well as social, economic and political empowerment. (04/11/08)

Keynote Speaker – Respected scholar, historian and author Dr. Kenneth M. Hamilton (right) of SMU gave the principal address at Tuskegee University's 91st Founder's Day. (04/11/08)

Alumnus covers Texas like no one else – Not much escapes Bob Phillips, an SMU alumnus who has logged more than 35 years on the back roads of Texas, starting off as a gofer for a Dallas television station while he was a college freshman. (04/10/08)

Update: This year's Red and Blue Scrimmage – See a slide show of this year's annual Red and Blue Scrimmage. (04/11/08)

Recognizing minority academic achievement – More than 550 students who have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 and above were recently recognized during the 18th annual Minority Academic Awards. (04/10/08)

Batter Up! – With the Texas Rangers' home opener this week, it is appropriate that SMU Press is publishing a book on baseball and DeGolyer Library is launching an exhibit on the game. (04/08/08)

Tough job market for graduating seniors – SMU is the focus of a story on how recent jobs losses couldn't come at a worse time for college students trying to make their way in the job market. (04/08/08)

SMU Expert: Gen. Petraeus' appearance before U.S. Senate "high theater" – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson says the attention of the nation will be focused on Army Gen. David Petraeus when he appears before the U.S. Senate this week. (04/08/08)

SMU Expert: Tight student loan market not affecting SMU – The tight student loan market is not affecting SMU. (04/08/08)

Teaching Science – SMU biology students Natalie Kashefi (left) and Sara Gingrich (right), along with Provost Paul Ludden, spend a day teaching elementary school students about the life cycle of sea urchins. (04/04/08)

Red and Blue Scrimmage set for Saturday – The SMU football team will wrap up spring football with a final open practice on Saturday, April 5, at 1 p.m. inside Gerald J. Ford Stadium on the SMU campus. Near the end of SMU's practice, the Mustangs will run approximately 40 plays as part of their annual Red and Blue Scrimmage. (04/04/08)

Ashcroft speaks on defending liberty, freedom – Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft spoke on defending liberty and freedom. (04/04/08)

Conference examines energy development on Indian lands – An SMU symposium will examine the volatility of energy development on American Indian lands – a story that contains elements of exploitation, paternalism and dependency as well as social, economic and political empowerment. (04/04/08)

Catholic campus ministry celebrates 75 years – Catholic Bishop Kevin Farrell celebrated a special anniversary Mass at SMU on Thursday, commemorating 75 years of the Catholic Campus Ministry at the University. The Mass featured classical music entitled “Missa SMU” written by SMU Meadows School of the Arts student Tim Roy, a junior from Nederland, Texas. (04/04/08)

Archivist of the U.S. is Commencement Speaker – Allen Weinstein, a noted historian who oversees the nation's presidential libraries, will speak at SMU's 93rd Commencement ceremony on May 17. (04/02/08)

U.S. facing need for scientists, engineers – Presidents of the National Academies, speaking at SMU, say there is an urgent need in this country for investment by both government and the private sector in education and research to maintain leadership in science, medicine and engineering. (04/02/08)

SMU Expert: Technology boom helps explain immigration boom – "Twenty-First Century Gateways," a new book on immigration featuring the Dallas experience, shows how highly educated Asians drawn to technology jobs spurred growth that created opportunities in construction and other services for less skilled immigrants, mainly from Mexico. SMU Expert (04/01/08)

SMU Expert: Smuggled artifacts returned to Mexico – SMU Anthropologist David Freidel talks about smuggled artifacts that were seized by government agents and are now being returned to Mexico. (04/01/08)

SMU's MBA programs among the nation's best – The Professional MBA program (PMBA) in SMU's Cox School of Business has been ranked #9 in this week's U.S. News and World Report rankings, up three slots from last year and making it the highest ranked such program in Texas. (04/01/08)


Student dance concert celebrates spring – A selection of contemporary and jazz works will be presented by the Meadows Dance Ensemble for its Spring Dance Concert in the Bob Hope Theatre. (03/31/08)

Meadows exhibit reveals 500-year-old secrets – Researchers have undertaken an extensive study of a 15th-century Spanish cathedral altarpiece, and in the process, have unlocked 500 years of secrets involving art, literature, history and religion. (03/31/08)

SMU Expert: Judge's order for new trial unusual – SMU Law Professor Fred Moss said the new trial ordered for a man convicted of a deadly aggravated robbery two decades ago is unusual. SMU Expert (03/31/08)

New Dedman College dean named – Cordelia Chavez Candelaria, SMU’s new dean of Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, is an academic administrator with experience in strategic affairs, as well as an accomplished scholar-teacher in English and ethnic studies. (03/28/08)

Three alumni join Engineering Hall of Leaders – SMU’s School of Engineering will induct a Chinese industrialist, a Silicon Valley pioneer and a Dallas philanthropist into the Engineering Hall of Leaders, honoring the alumni for their business and civic contributions. (03/27/08)

Ambassador discusses human conflict in Cyprus – The stalemate taking place within the island nation of Cyprus was the topic of discussion at a lecture featuring His Excellency Andreas Kakouris, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Cyprus to the United States. (03/27/08)

Gift endows Huffington Earth Sciences Dept. – A gift of more than $10 million from the Honorable Roy M. Huffington of Houston is a boost to SMU's Department of Earth Sciences, which is being renamed in his honor. (03/27/08)

SMU Expert: For new grads, job market not bleak – This spring, 1.5 million new college graduates will enter the worst job market in years, thanks to an economy teetering on the brink of recession. But new college grads always offer one advantage compared to people with years of experience - They cost less. (03/26/08)

Former Australian prime minister visits SMU – Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard spoke at SMU's Tower Center Forum on March 12, 2008. (03/26/08)

SMU Expert: Political foot-dragging has certain advantages – Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University, said that political foot-dragging is often less damaging than the information that sometimes comes out as a result of such inquiries. (03/26/08)

SMU announces Athletics Hall of Fame class – The SMU Athletic Department, in conjunction with the SMU Lettermen's Association, today announced the inaugural class of its Athletics Hall of Fame. (03/25/08)

SMU Expert: How to tap IT's hidden potential – Amit Basu, chairman of the Information Technology and Operations Management Department in Cox School of Business, writes about tapping IT's potential. (03/25/08)

Is three a winning streak? – Marketing Professor Suzanne Shu and a colleague got to thinking about winning streaks and who – or what - is hot, studied the problem and wrote a paper about it. (03/24/08)

'Into the Wild' winner – SMU theatre major Bryan Lewis (right) has snagged the grand prize in Paramount Pictures’ "Into the Wild" competition with a short film that follows him on a weekend escape into the wilderness. (03/24/08)

PRD Group retained as interpretive planner of the Bush Presidential Library – How to showcase the defining moments of President Bush's tenure now falls to Dan Murphy and his design firm, the PRD Group, retained by Bush advisers as the "interpretive planner" for his library and museum at Southern Methodist University. (03/15/08)

Weather Notification Explanation – An explanation of the SMU weather notification system. (03/14/08)

Documentary on legendary Louise Raggio to air – Louise Raggio, a Dallas attorney for whom Southern Methodist University's Louise Ballerstedt Raggio Endowed Lecture Series in Women's Studies is named, will be the focus of a television documentary airing on KERA public television March 19, 23 and 24. (03/14/08)

Student honors mother's legacy – Student Ryan Pitts honors memory of mother who was killed by a drunk driver. (03/14/08)

Gift endows theology school professorship – The Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University has received a $1 million gift from Barbara Cook Wendland and Erroll Wendland to establish the Wendland-Cook Professorship in Constructive Theology. (03/14/08)

How girls and women view their bodies - and why – What factors influence a girl's or woman's image of her own body and how can she learn to accept how she looks? (03/13/08)

SMU physicists help unravel universe's secrets – SMU scientists are one step closer to understanding some of the basic forces that shape the universe with the recent installation of the 7,000-ton subatomic particle detector they helped build for the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. (03/12/08)

Sex scandal won't sway White House race – SMU's Cal Jillson says the sex scandal that ended New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's political career is unlikely to have a significant impact on the U.S. presidential race (03/12/08)

The Guildhall at SMU joins PC Gaming Alliance – The Guildhall at SMU, a leading graduate education program in video game development, has joined the PC Gaming Alliance, a non-profit organization that unites hardware and software creators, game developers and publishers, and others committed to the PC gaming market with the common purpose of advancing the PC as a worldwide gaming platform. (03/12/08)

TI Gift Brings National Leader to Engineering – Delores M. Etter, a former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense and Assistant Secretary of the Navy, will be the director of SMU's new Caruth Institute for Engineering Education and the Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Engineering Education. (03/10/08)

A Rewarding Spring Break – Some SMU students are forgoing the beach during Spring Break to help others or broaden their experiences. Read about their experiences. (03/10/08)

Conference Champions – The SMU Women's Basketball team knocked off No 18 UTEP to win the Conference USA championship and advance to the NCAA Tournament. (03/10/08)

Baptist group urges action on global warming – SMU Political Science Professor Matthew Wilson comments on Baptists urging action on global warming. (03/10/08)

Campaign trail runs through SMU – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and his wife, Janet, were among those who came to SMU stumping for votes for their candidates. Others visiting the campus recently included television action hero Chuck Norris; actor, director and producer Rob Reiner; actress Sophia Bush; and actor Adam Rodriguez. (03/07/08)

Musical Theatre Showcase with Kimberly Grigsby – The Division of Theatre and the Meadows Opera Theatre presented 14 talented Meadows singing actors in featured selections from the Broadway stage, the culmination of a two-week intensive workshop with acclaimed Broadway music director and conductor Kimberly Grigsby. (03/07/08)

Sophomore chosen for D.C. Program – SMU sophomore Warren C. Seay Jr. will participate in The Institute for Responsible Citizenship's two-summer leadership program in Washington D.C. at Georgetown University. (03/07/08)

Medal of Freedom – Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was awarded the Medal of Freedom from SMU’s John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies and addressed the Hart Global Leaders Forum. (03/06/08)

Roadside Bomb Victim – Journalist Bob Woodruff and his wife, Lee, came to SMU to talk about the brain injury he suffered in Iraq, his recovery and the challenges he continues to face. (03/06/08)

Dean Orsak on Engineering Education – A frequent speaker and expert on engineering education, Geoffrey C. Orsak, Ph.D, is dean of the engineering school at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. Design News Editor-in-Chief John Dodge conducted the interview. (03/06/08)

Students gain edge in internship preparation – A group of SMU students learned about the importance of obtaining and preparing for internships that would prepare them for success in their future careers on Wednesday. (03/06/08)

Gift creates Cox asset management curriculum – D. Scott Luttrell (BBA '77) and David B. Miller (BBA '72 and MBA '73) have helped Cox create an undergraduate curriculum in alternative asset management. (03/03/08)

Wachovia gift to help students access the arts – The Meadows Museum and the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University have received a gift of $174,000 from the Wachovia Foundation to institute "Imagine U @ SMU," a program that will enable middle-school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate in a high-quality, interactive college campus arts experience. (03/03/08)


Guildhall exhibit to offer video game fun – Student-created games will be available for playing when The Guildhall at SMU holds its Winter Video Game Exhibition on Friday. (02/27/08)

Editorial: Next steps for the Bush Library – The George W. Bush presidential library and policy institute will bring global prestige to Southern Methodist University and the region. With great acclaim comes great responsibility, which is why it's crucial that it present an unvarnished historical record of the nation's 43rd president, the warts along with the successes. (02/27/08)

'The Time Is Now' for Women's Symposium – As U.S. citizens contemplate the possibility of electing their first woman president in 2008, SMU's 43rd Women's Symposium will explore the new status of women as leaders on campus and in society with its Feb. 28 event, "The Time Is Now." (02/26/08)

SMU announces 2008 football schedule – The June Jones era and the 2008 football season kick off with an ESPN-televised Conference USA showdown at Rice on Friday, Aug. 29, it was announced today. (02/26/08)

Research links asthma and anxiety – Associate Professor Thomas Ritz and Assistant Professor Alicia Meuret of SMU’s Psychology Department are researching the interaction between physiological and psychological aspects of asthma and other diseases. (02/22/08)

Meadows: Award-winning 'Trouble in Mind' – The Division of Theatre at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts will present the play Trouble in Mind from February 27 through March 2 in the Greer Garson Theatre of the Owen Arts Center on the SMU campus. (02/26/08)

Word-by-word response to debate – If a small real-time response debate focus group sampled at SMU Feb. 21 is any indicator, the Democratic primary will be a squeaker. (02/26/08)

Library Comes to SMU – The George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation announces SMU as the site of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, consisting of a library, museum and institute. (02/22/08)

Crum a Slam Dunk – SMU basketball has a new MVP - the Crum Basketball Center, where players and coaches have their own one-stop shop to practice, strength train, watch films and receive care. (02/21/08)

Hillary Clinton faces 'Alamo moment' – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson says Hillary Clinton "certainly faces an Alamo moment in Texas and Ohio." (02/20/08)

SMU to enshrine Jon Koncak's No. 53 jersey – SMU will raise Jon Koncak's jersey to the rafters of Moody Coliseum during a halftime ceremony on Feb. 23. Koncak wore number 53 during his basketball career from 1981-85. (02/20/08)

2008 Japanese Film Festival – The 2008 Japanese Film Festival, which is free and open to the public. (02/19/08)

Texas refinery fire could affect jittery market – Professor Bruce Bullock, executive director of SMU's Maguire Energy Institute, talks about the impact of a refinery fire in Big Spring, Texas. (02/19/08)

Robotics Club makes waves at Tech Fest – The SMU Robotics Club will take the floor with the plucky Seahorse submersible and two new creations during Tech Fest 2008 at the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas' Fair Park. (02/19/08)

Cox offers tax concentration for master's program – With the aid of a generous $500,000 gift by the Ernst and Young Foundation, the Cox School of Business at SMU announces the creation of a tax concentration for the Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program. (02/19/08)

DFW video game industry is big business – At a recent gathering of people from The Guildhall at SMU and the local industry, the talk turned to the size - in dollars - of the Dallas-Fort Worth area's computer-game development market. After some back-and-forth discussion, a guess-timate emerged: $750 million. (02/19/08)

Fewer drivers over a barrel – SMU Professor Bruce Bullock talks about Americans getting serious about using less gasoline, confounding some economists who have argued that most people can't reduce their driving much. (02/19/08)

"Light the Highway" prays for those on I-35 – William Lawrence, dean of SMU's Perkins School of Theology, talks about the "Light the Highway" movement, which features groups and churches praying for people along I-35. (02/19/08)

Hitting the High Notes – The Meadows Opera Theatre and the Meadows Symphony Orchestra join forces for an elegant opera gala concert. Read about the event from a performer's point of view. (02/18/08)

SMU Aware – As colleges and universities mourn the tragic shootings in Illinois, the SMU Aware campaign features posters in classrooms and major campus buildings with instructions for lockdown and other emergencies. (02/15/08)

Scholastic Serendipity – Rafael Anchía ('90) calls it serendipity that his father accompanied him to a college fair at the Miami Expo Center in 1985 and met an SMU recruiter who spoke his first language - Spanish. (02/12/08)

Alumnus Art Barnes to receive SAM Award – SMU will honor alumnus Art Barnes with the 2007 Silver Anniversary Mustang (SAM) Award at halftime of Wednesday's men's basketball game. Barnes, who earned first-team All-Southwest Conference honors as a senior, was an integral part of SMU's 1955 SWC Championship team. (02/12/08)

Maguire Center honors Dallas legal leader Michael M. Boone – Dallas attorney and advocate for Texas school children Michael M. Boone will receive the J. Erik Jonsson Ethics Award from SMU’s Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility in recognition of his work for Dallas and Texas. (02/11/08)

Residence halls get makeover – Four residence halls are being renovated to replace aging infrastructure and meet student technology needs. (02/11/08)

Green Goes Gold – SMU’s Embrey Engineering Building has earned coveted “gold” Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council – the only academic building in Texas to qualify. (02/11/08)

Clinton seeks to cast herself as underdog – SMU Political Scientist Cal Jillson talks about Sen. Hillary Clinton seeking to cast herself as the underdog. (02/11/08)

New Mustangs coach is anything but ordinary – June Jones III couldn't walk when he came out of the coma in March 2001. Yet he was lucky in infinite ways after his Lincoln Town Car smashed into a Honolulu overpass. (02/11/08)

A date with Lauren Graham – Acclaimed actress Lauren Graham, co-star of Evan Almighty, met with SMU theatre students during two days of conferences and workshops on the University campus Feb. 5-6. (02/11/08)

The 'Red Hot' fossil spot in Meridian, Miss. – SMU Earth Scientist Daniel Danehy talks about the Red Hot fossil spot in Meridian, Miss. (02/11/08)

UPDATE: Award-winning actor Martin Sheen speaks at SMU – Award-winning actor and human rights activist Martin Sheen was the featured speaker for a Student Forum and Tate Lecture this week. (02/11/08)

'Texas and the Presidential Election' – Professor Jillson was on KERA public radio Feb. 6, talking about the Texas primaries and the challenges the candidates face. Hear an excerpt from that 30-program, or hear the full discussion. (02/07/08)

SMU signs 28 student-athletes – Capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the SMU football program, the Mustangs have signed 28 student-athletes to National Letters of Intent, Head Coach June Jones announced on Wednesday, February 6. (02/07/08)

SMU gets 'A' for safety preparedness – Reader’s Digest announced today that SMU scores an "A" for campus safety preparedness. The magazine ranked the University as the 16th safest college in the United States and the safest private university in Texas among the universities surveyed. (02/07/08)

Dallas execs sound off on economy – SMU Dean Al Niemi and Professor Mark Vamos provide expertise for discussion on the economy and the Federal Reserve lowering its discount rate. (02/06/08)

Political scientist analyzes Super Tuesday – SMU Political Scientist Dennis Simon appears on KERA's Think to talk about Super Tuesday and President Bush's final State of the Union address. (02/05/08)

Digging Archaeology – Work has begun on a research project that will bring together University faculty and students, Taos community leaders, private landowners, and local, state and federal government agencies. (02/05/08)

Next steps: Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention – The Task Force recommendations now will be evaluated by University officers who are responsible for the administrative areas covered by the report, and they will provide President Turner with their recommendations by the end of the spring semester. (02/05/08)

Tougher immigration laws affecting Texas – SMU Political Science Professor James Hollifield, Director of The John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, talks about the flow of immigrants into Texas from other states. (02/04/08)

Outstanding Actor – Award-winning actor and human rights activist Martin Sheen will be the featured speaker for a Tate Series Lecture at SMU on Tuesday. (02/04/08)

Bush's stimulus package hits roadblocks – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson talks about the battle for political credit for the economic stimulus package. (02/04/08)

Task Force offers recommendations aimed at alcohol and drug abuse prevention – In a report to SMU President R. Gerald Turner on January 31, SMU’s Task Force on Substance Abuse Prevention offered 30 recommendations intended to strengthen programs of awareness, enforcement and assistance and to address related campus issues. (02/02/08)


Cement pollution may be too much – SMU Engineering Professor Al Armendariz provided expertise for this WFAA-TV story about pollution from cement plants. (01/30/08)

Orchestra director receives Mexico's highest honor – SMU alumnus Hector Guzman, director of three Texas orchestras, has been awarded the Mozart Medal, Mexico's highest honor for musical excellence. (01/30/08)

Tech sector likely to get roughed up – SMU Professor Mike Davis talks to Wired Magazine about the impact of the possible looming recession on the tech sector. (01/29/08)

Chinese Immersion – Ben, a student adventurer, is spending the next seven months studying in Beijing, where part of the program means no English is spoken. He blogs about his experiences. (01/28/08)

A marriage made in travel agent heaven – Feature story on Rhonda Rompola, the winningest basketball coach in SMU history. (01/28/08)

Summit gives teens a chance to talk about issues – Professor Georita Frierson, a clinical psychologist, talks about teenage depression and stress. (01/28/08)

William Joyce - When passion meets promise – Feature story on SMU alumnus William Joyce - author, illustrator and filmmaker. (01/28/08)

SMU human rights tour of Poland – SMU Journalism Department Chair Tony Pederson writes about the SMU human rights tour of Poland. (01/28/08)

SMU hopes June Jones can replicate success – SMU hopes June Jones can replicate Hawaii success with the Mustangs football team. (01/28/08)

Changing Perceptions – The way Native Americans are viewed has changed over the years, and this interesting evolution in perception forms the basis of research by SMU historian and author Sherry Smith. (01/28/08)

'As You Like It' hits the spot – Water Tower Theatre's "As You Like It," which includes student theater majors from SMU, receives high praise from critic Lawson Taitte. (01/28/08)

Correction to media reports of student assault – SMU wishes to correct recent erroneous media reports that an SMU “instructor” is implicated in a possible drugging of a student at a location off campus. The suspect in this case is not an SMU professor, instructor or staff member. (01/25/08)

Possible plagiarism in scientific database – The nation's premier database of biomedical research contains as many as 200,000 questionable publications, ranging from possible outright plagiarism to researchers recycling their own work, Dallas scientists have found. SMU Professor Tom Mayo, a lawyer and medical ethicist, provided expert commentary for this story. (01/24/08)

Law professor talks about rotten – Law Professor Lackland Bloom talks to NBC News about a website where people can complain about their neighbors. (01/23/08)

Coaches Association honors SMU's Hyndman – SMU men's soccer coach Schellas Hyndman was named this year's recipient of the Mike Berticelli Excellence in Coaching Education Award at the recent National Soccer Coaches Association of America convention in Baltimore. (01/23/08)

How would Barbie act in a recession? – Professor Michael Davis talks to WFAA-TV News about the meaning and ramifications of a recession. (01/23/08)

Education Abroad announces new programs – SMU’s Education Abroad Office is expanding its offerings this year with new summer programs in Australia and Asia, India and South Africa; an internship program in London; and a new semester program in Cairo. (01/23/08)

Tryouts for 'So You Think You Can Dance' – Fox Broadcasting's "So You Think You Can Dance" held its first round of auditions on the SMU campus Jan. 17-19, 2008. (01/23/08)

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. – SMU remembers the remarkable life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a week of activities. For the first time, his speech at SMU some 42 years ago is available online.(01/18/08)

Inspired by Darfur – "Locust," written, produced, and performed by SMU students, will be showcased at the California Institute of the Arts’ theatre festival later this month. It was inspired by the genocide in Darfur.(01/18/08)

Cox dean forecasts the 2008 economy – Albert W. Niemi Jr., dean of SMU's Cox School of Business, publishes a 2008 economic forecast for the U.S. and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.(01/18/08)

Consumer anger over packaging – Professor Daniel Howard, chair of the Marketing Department in the Cox School of Business, provided expertise for this story on consumer anger over packaging.(01/18/08)

Boost for Biology – A $3.6 million gift to SMU from Caren Prothro (right) and the Perkins-Prothro Foundation will establish the C. Vin Prothro Biological Sciences Initiative at SMU. (01/14/08)

Winningest Basketball Coach – Women's Basketball Coach Rhonda Rompola (right) scored her 300th victory over the weekend, becoming winningest SMU basketball coach in the history of the University. (01/14/08)

Student Journalists on the Campaign Trail – SMU student journalists covered the presidential campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire for Fox TV, blogging, photographing and posting videos on YouTube. (01/11/08)

Milestones within reach for Women's Basketball – SMU women's basketball head coach Rhonda Rompola has a chance to reach two historic milestones this weekend when the SMU women's basketball team hosts a pair of crucial Conference USA games at Moody Coliseum. (01/11/08)

Gearbox Software funds fellowships at Guildhall – Gearbox Software, the Plano video game development studio behind the popular "Brothers in Arms" franchise, is partnering with The Guildhall at SMU with its pledge of scholarship funds, professional mentors and a video lab to the country’s leading graduate video game development program. (01/11/08)

Research team blogs from Ethiopia where ancient plants shed light on climate change – A team of researchers lead by Paleobotanist Bonnie Jacobs and Sedimentologist Neil Tabor are collecting plant fossils in Ethiopia and studying their geological context to help us better understand our current changing climate. (01/09/08)

Internships: Who will you be this summer? – SMU's Hegi Family Career Development Center warns students on its Web site that recruitment for the most coveted 10 percent of internships starts 10 months in advance. (01/07/08)

Bush on 2008 race: No comment, yet – SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson talks about presidential endorsements in the race for the White House. (01/07/08)

Focus groups spin the dial during debates – Real Time Response is a study for a book being written by SMU professors Rita Kirk and Dan Schill called "Consent of the Governed," which examines American voters trying to regain control of the political process in the technological age. (01/07/08)

New Head Football Coach – June Jones has been named the head football coach at SMU. Jones arrives on the Hilltop after nine years at Hawaii, where he resurrected a downtrodden program to make it one of the most exciting and competitive squads in the country. (01/07/08)

A Better Understanding – Professor Mark Chancey's usual role is helping Christians better understand Judaism. But for four Tuesdays in January, he will be doing the opposite - explaining the New Testament to a primarily Jewish audience. (01/07/08)

Botanical past sheds light on climate change – A team of researchers lead by Paleobotanist Bonnie Jacobs and Sedimentologist Neil Tabor are collecting plant fossils in Ethiopia and studying their geological context to help us better understand our current changing climate. (01/07/08)

Student Journalists in New Hampshire – Having spent last week in Iowa, student journalists are now covering the New Hampshire primaries for Fox TV, blogging, photographing and posting videos on YouTube. (01/07/08)

Sophomore Daniel Paul Witte dies in accident – Daniel Paul Witte, 19, a sophomore from Dallas who was studying philosophy and psychology, died in an automobile accident in Arizona on January 1. (01/07/08)

New business minor for non-business students – SMU's Cox School is introducing a new minor in business for non-Cox undergraduates designed to provide a solid foundation in business basics to complement students' primary areas of academic interest. (01/03/08)

Kick-starting the new semester – January always signals the start of a new year. There is no better time than now for your student to fully and honestly assess how the first semester went. (01/03/08)

Texas' energy industry continues to diversify – Despite advancements in alternative fuels, Southern Methodist University finance professor Michael Davis said it's vitally important for Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and others to continue their aggressive exploration for and production of oil and natural gas. (01/03/08)

Alumna helping China save pandas – Suzanne Braden, an SMU alumna, is co-founder of Pandas International, a nonprofit devoted to helping the Chinese save the endangered bears. (01/02/08)

Foscue Map Library celebrates 65 years – As the Foscue Map Library celebrates its 65th anniversary, scholars use its resources to know more about the world – from artists who want to study the way rivers flow for paintings to engineers planning pipelines to professionals planning freeway interchanges. (01/02/08)