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Founded in 1935, the Mustang Club is SMU’s official athletic fundraising organization. Its purpose is to provide the financial structure for SMU student-athletes to strive for excellence in the classroom and the competitive arenas. Academic support, recruiting, facility improvements and enhanced operational expenses are all key components of a successful athletic department. The Mustang Club maximizes the potential of SMU Athletics by providing for each of these critical needs.

Donors to the Mustang Club are not limited to former students or alumni of SMU. Everyone is welcome to donate to the Mustang Club. The Mustang Club is an organization of friends of SMU, and each donor plays a vital role in the overall development of our 17-sport athletic program. Donors enjoy benefits such as seating and parking priority, access to the Mustang Club tent on the Boulevard and other events around the country. Mustang Club contributions currently support the development of more than 400 student-athletes at SMU. The donation year runs from June 1 to May 31.

On July 1, 2013 SMU officially joined the American Athletic Conference in all sports. Each of our sports will benefit from competing in the American. Increased quality in competition, a heightened and expanded recruiting base, and national media exposure for SMU are among the initial benefits.

Specifically for football, the American is an automatic qualifier (AQ) to the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), meaning the league champion is assured a berth in one of the five BCS bowl games on an annual basis. Those bowls include the Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and the BCS National Championship game.

Both men's and women's basketball will be entering one of the nation's most tradition-rich and competitive conferences. With our $40 million Moody Coliseum renovation, a Dallas-Fort Worth area rich with talent, and an expanded national recruiting footprint, we expect a positive transition into our new conference home.

It will take a true team effort as we transition into our rightful place alongside the top universities and athletic programs in the nation. Increasing our private support and growing our season ticket base is a vitally important component in our efforts to be fully competitive in the American.

In light of SMU’s move to the American Athletic Conference, the Morgan Campaign is more important than ever. The Morgan Campaign Fund Drive is named for Coach Herman “Sleepy” Morgan, SMU freshman football coach and head football recruiter in the 1950s and 1960s. Football great Don Meredith was among his recruits. After his retirement, Morgan became a volunteer for the Mustang Club and was its top fundraiser until his passing in 1993. He was famous for his personal approach and handwritten notes, encouraging members to donate and “help put hay in the barn” for his Mustangs. In 1994, the Mustang Club Board of Directors voted to change the name of the Mustang Club Annual Fund Drive to the Morgan Campaign.

The Morgan Campaign is a volunteer-driven effort organized to raise funds for SMU Athletics. This year, volunteers are working on the fund drive under the leadership of Shawn Fullam. The campaign will run from the beginning of February through the end of May.

The Morgan Campaign focuses its efforts on:
- Growing Mustang Club through strategic communication strategies with new prospects.
- Supporting the National Mustang Club Initiative with an emphasis of “philanthropic support of SMU student-athletes” vs. “benefits of membership.”

The SMU Mustang Club
PO Box 750315
5800 Ownby Drive
Dallas, TX 75275-0315