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The following contains information related to assessment activities through WEAVEonline, the university's on-line system for collecting Institutional Effectiveness information.


WEAVEonline is a system for managing Institutional Effectiveness reporting. This the system used to enter the annual Institutional Effectiveness reports. To access the WEAVEonline system, click on the button above. You must have your log-on ID and password to use the WEAVE system. NOTE: If you bookmark WEAVEonline, be sure you bookmark the log-in page, and not a page after you have logged in to the system. If you do the latter, the system will not recognize you as an SMU user. Your log-in screen should say "Welcome, Southern Methodist University WEAVEonline user. Please login". If it doesn't, you're in the wrong place and what you enter won't be saved and maintained.

How to see what you have entered in 4.5:
a) Log-in to 4.5
b) Click on the Reports tab at the top of the page
c) Under 1: Select cycle, select the cycle you want to see what you entered
d) Under 2: Select a Report, go to the first area, "User Reports", Select "Detailed Assessment Report"
e) Under 3: Select one or more entities, pick the unit or units you want a report for. If you pick "All entities to which I have access" the default choice, be careful, you may get a lot more than you planned on. If you have access to more than a few units, you should choose "
Selected entities (see choices)" and pick only those you want to see reports on.
f) Click Run
g) Your report should run, if it doesn't, and you get cycled back to the page you were just on, look at the bar at top of the page of your browser where it might tell you that pop-ups were blocked. Click on the bar and tell it you will allow pop-ups from this site. Click Run again, and your report should run. If this doesn't work, please let John know.

Resource publications from the IR Office

Click on the image for an Institutional Effectiveness Resource manual

Click here for a WEAVE User's Guide (pdf)
WEAVE User's Guidelines for IE Reporting a simple guide to preparing an IE response in WEAVEonline

Click here for a WEAVE Flowchart for a diagram of how WEAVEonline works

Document Repository Tutorial

WEAVEonline DOCUMENT REPOSITORY TUTORIAL: A PowerPoint tutorial has been created for anyone interested in information about how the WEAVEonline Document Repository works. Click the button to go to the tutorial.

Format disappearing?

Problem with formatting in the Measures? You can format, but you won't see it unless you click on the Preview Formatting link near the bottom of the page. Then if you want to see it in the Reports, you must select the Keep user-formatting box in the second screen. It works, you just have to know where to make it do so.


A blog has been created to present information directly relevant to the SMU Institutional Effectiveness process. SMU faculty and staff can access the WEAVE blog at blog.smu.edu. You need your SMU ID and password to log-in. Once into the SMU blog page, the WEAVE blog path is at the lower end of the right hand frame. This can be used for a discussion or for questions about the IE process.   This blog has been removed for lack of interest by the blogmeisters of the university. Sorry to say.


Some information on the great migration from 3.5 to 4.0:
Data from version 3.5 has been migrated but not all units have been checked and verified to see if all of the information got moved, i.e, migrated. Units which had entered their information as planned by the system should have no problems with the migration. This means that all Outcomes/Objectives were numbered sequentially, Measures were numbered sequentially, and tied to those sequentially numbered Outcomes/Objectives, Findings were entered and tied to the Measures. Where this was not the case, as with many of our units, place holders were inserted in the migration process, and this caused some minor problems. What this means is that as far as we know, the data was migrated successfully, but there may be some strange looking entries due to the place-holders. You are requested to edit these place-holders rather than deleting them and starting with new Measures, Findings. These place-holders may have relationships that need to be maintained and if they are deleted, and there are serious relationships established, these will be removed. And we don't want that, do we?

The first thing you should do is to log in to 3.5. (there is a link below with the WEAVE logo) and print off your entered information. Do this by:
1) going to the Archives link;
2) selecting the appropriate year or years for which you want to have the previously entered data;
3) going to the Reports link; 
4) selecting the Detailed Assessment Report.
5) printing it.
This is your old data. If you came to the 4.0 orientation sessions, you should be in good shape to begin checking the data and renumbering the Outcomes/Objectives and Measures. Existing Outcomes/objectives, Measures, have been renumbered to all zeros in the migration process. Click on the Reorder button on the right and they will be properly numbered. If you did not attend an orientation session, and are not sure of how to use 4.0, give John a call or send an email and set up a make-up session. (Some of the areas have been already renumbered as your friendly, local neighborhood Administrator has been into the system and done some units.) 

A document that describes in detail some of the ways to check the migration can here accessed HERE

Version 3.5 and general information:

Access the old version, 3.5, by clicking on the logo above. The upgrade, WEAVEonline, 4.0, has been released, and our data has been migrated. The path to version 4.0 is available on the IR office home page, http://www.smu.edu/ir/, or above at the WEAVE 4.0 button.

HOW TO LOG ON: Your log-on is your SMU ID. Enter your ID, then click "Forgot Password". Your password will be mailed to you shortly.  If you have been given a temporary password by the administrator, use that. Once logged in to the system, you will be able to see the areas you have been associated with. Your SMU ID must have been entered into the WEAVE directory before you will be able to get a password. If you have any questions, you can email them to weave('at' symbol)smu.edu If you use this path, it make take a while to get a response, in case the administrator doesn't notice the message in the WEAVE In-box. Use the e-mail at the bottom of this page for a quicker response.  

WEAVE Introduction; PowerPoint presentation, July 2007

Link to the SMU Centennial Strategic Plan 2006-2015

Related information about WEAVE:
WEAVEonline introduction web page
Article in the March 30, 2007, issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education on WEAVE

If you would like a training session on
WEAVE, please contact weave('at' symbol)smu.edu

For additional information contact John Kalb at the Office of Institutional Research via jmkalb "@ symbol" smu.edu or at 768-3895. Comments, updates welcomed.

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