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Aspirational and Cohort Peer Universities

    Aspirational and Cohort Peer University Comparisons
    (contains the most recent information available for comparing SMU and designated Peers)

Colonial Group Universities (The listing of Colonial Group Universities follows the Aspirational and Corhort Peers)

SACS Accreditation documents and related information
    SMU's most recent accreditation status:
        SACSCOC Board of Trustees action, December 5, 2011, affirming accreditation of schools in the Class of 2011.

    January 5, 2001, Initial letter reaffirming accreditation with actions to be taken

  July 3, 2002, Letter accepting Follow-up Report
April 22, 2001, Letter from Business Accreditation Committee
    SACS Website SMU Accreditation Information
    Faculty Roster Instructions
    Faculty Roster Form

SMU Accreditations

SMU Degree Program Inventory (Number of degrees and degree programs offered as of July 2010)
Click here for the most recent inventory, as of January 18, 2011.
Updated counts will be available soon.

SMU Vision and Mission Statement