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Five Year Trends
2005 Table of Contents

Student Trends


    First-time Undergraduates
    New Transfer Undergraduates

Student Headcounts

    First-Time Undergraduate Student Demographics
    Undergraduate Degree Seeking Enrollment by Gender/Ethnicity/School
    Graduate/Professional Enrollment by Gender/Ethnicity/School
    New Transfer Student Demographics
    Headcount Comparison of Total Enrollment by School/College/Level
    Headcount Comparison of Total Enrollment by Gender/Ethnicity/Origin
    Headcount Comparison of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) by School/College/Level
    Headcounts by College and Major

Retention and Graduation

Degrees Awarded by Semester
(past 3 academic years)

Degrees Awarded by Academic Year

Semester Credit Hours by School/College

Faculty Trends


    Instructional Faculty by Tenure Status, Rank and Gender
    Instructional Faculty by Ethnicity and Gender
    Instructional Faculty by School/College and Tenure Status
    Highest Degree Earned by Instructional Faculty

Financial Trends


    Gift Revenues by Purpose
    Gift Revenues by Source
    Undergraduate Charges
    Student Charges
    University Endowment Peer Comparisons