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Community & Economic Impact Report

Second Century Campaign Leadership Donors

This honor roll recognizes donors to SMU Unbridled: The Second Century Campaign. Donors listed here have made cumulative campaign commitments of $1,000,000 or more during the period January 1, 2006 – May 31, 2011. These generous commitments are essential to the achievement of the University's campaign goals.

Anonymous Donors (17)

Kenneth Z. Altshuler and Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler '48

William E. Armentrout Foundation

Bill Armstrong '82 and Liz Martin Armstrong '82

Barachel Foundation, Inc.

The Estate of Alta M. Brenner

The W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

William P. Clements, Jr. '39 † and Rita Crocker Clements

Richard H. Collins '69 and the Calvert K. Collins Family Foundation

Susan Smith Cooper '62 and William R. Cooper '58

Edwin L. Cox '42

Carter Creech '60, '63

Gary T. Crum '69 and Sylvie P. Crum

Linda Pitts Custard '60, '99, William A. Custard '57 and L. Frank Pitts †

Frank M. Dunlevy '71 and Susan Dunlevy

The Embrey Family Foundation

Mary Helen Fabacher and Mike A. Fabacher

Gerald J. Ford '66, '69 and Kelli Olsen Ford

Peggy Crooke Fry

Linda Gardner and Fred Alsup

Estate of Brady P. Gentry

John Gregory Hall '58

Deborah Godich Hankinson '83

Estate of Peggy R. Harrison '28

Linda W. Hart '65 and Milledge A. Hart, III

Highland Park United Methodist Church

Hillcrest Foundation

Hoblitzelle Foundation

Roy M. Huffington '38 †

Hunter L. Hunt '90 and Stephanie E. Hunt

Nancy Ann Hunter Hunt '65 and Ray L. Hunt '65

Ruth Ray Hunt Memorial VII Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

Jeanne Roach Johnson '54

Barry M. Kitt and Beth M. Kitt

Val † and Frank † Late

Paul B. Loyd, Jr. '68 and Penny R. Loyd

D. Scott Luttrell '77 and Laura Dvorozniak Luttrell '77

Bobby B. Lyle '67

J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation

Martha Proctor Mack '41

Meadows Foundation, Incorporated

Professor and Mrs. Joseph W. McKnight

David B. Miller '72, '73 and Carolyn L. Miller and David B. Miller Family Foundation

The Moody Foundation

The Morris Foundation

The Noel Family: James L. Noel III and Melinda C. Noel, Carol Noel King '76 and J. Stephen King '77, Edmund O. Noel '75 and Patrice Oden Noel '75, William D. Noel '82 and Barbara W. Noel, Robert C. Noel '80, '89 and Deanne Moore Noel '89

Alice G. Nye and Erle A. Nye '65

C. Robert Palmer '57, '66 and Rebecca S. Palmer

William C. Perkins

Perkins-Prothro Foundation: Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 †, Joe N. Prothro and Dale D. Prothro, Mark H. Prothro '72 and Dianne C. Prothro, Kay Prothro Yeager '61 and Frank J. Yeager

Sarah Fullinwider Perot '83 and Ross Perot, Jr. and The Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation

Estate of Catherine Stockard Perrine

Caren H. Prothro, Perkins-Prothro Foundation and Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation

Victor E. and Gladys J. † Salvino

Suzanne Schmidt '67 and Dan C. Jones

Carl Sewell '66 and Peggy Higgins Sewell '72

Mrs. Mark Shepherd, Jr. (Mary Alice)

Siemens PLM Software

Annette Caldwell Simmons '57 and Harold C. Simmons

Anna P. Sohmen and Helmut Sohmen '66

Gay F. Solomon and William T. Solomon '64

Texas Instruments Foundation and Texas Instruments Incorporated

Anonymous Donor Advised Funds of the Texas Methodist Foundation

The Tolleson Family Foundation

James J. Truchard and Lee I. Truchard and National Instruments

Jack A. Turpin

Sheila Umphrey and Walter Umphrey '58

United Methodist Church General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Richard Ware '68

Donna R. Weber and Garry A. Weber '58

The Robert A. Welch Foundation

Barbara Cook Wendland '55, '86 and Erroll Wendland '50, '51, the Joe B. and Louise P. Cook Foundation

† deceased