The IRB Process at SMU

Applications must be submitted prior to collecting data. Failure to gain IRB approval prior to collecting data can result in a forfeiture of data or other penalties. Generally, review of applications fall into one of three categories: exempt, expedited, or full committee.

Determination of the process for your project will be made as soon as possible AFTER you have submitted it to the IRB Chair.

Most applications do not require full Committee review. If an application is determined to require full committee review, the Principal Investigator (PI) will be notified after the application has been submitted. In this case, the PI will be invited to attend the next regularly scheduled IRB Committee meeting. For AY 2004-2005, the IRB is meeting at 9:00 am on the first Thursday of each month.

Often, PIs will be asked to make modifications in their projects (or in the Consent Forms) and then re-submit their applications for IRB approval.


For additional addition about the IRB process, please view Dr. Stuart Plattner's presentation (originally given at SMU in April 2004).