Reservation Request Form

(Updated 12/18/2013)

Room reservation requests must be received in our office at least 2 business days in advance of the event. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm.

Before submitting your request, please make sure you read the policies and guidelines section, which include rates, an outline of the reservation process, and reservation expectations.

Please Note: the following require a different form and have been linked for your convenience:

Please note areas within office suites (e.g., Hegi, Women's Center, Dean of Student Life, SAMSA) are reserved through the individual department.

Contact Information

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Event Details

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Expected Attendance:*
Do you expect greater than 50% of the anticipated participants to be from outside of the university community?*

Yes (Room rental charges will be applied.)

No (If it is determined at the time of the event that 50% or more of the participants are from outside the University, a fee will be charged. We reserve the right to check IDs to determine if attendees are from SMU.)

Will you be charging a fee to the participants?*

Yes (Room rental charges will be applied.) YOUR INITIALS


Event Date:* (List all dates here (i.e. 2/2, 2/7, 2/12, or write "every Tuesday of the Fall semester." )
Reservation Start Time:*   End Time:* (include am/pm)
Actual Event Start Time:*   End Time:* (include am/pm)
Please select your first and second room choices:*
+ Please note requests for the Varsity and M Lounge must be approved by the Director of the Student Center and may take an additional 2-3 business days for review.

Space Setup

Please indicate requested set-up. In order to accommodate as many requests as possible, selected style may not be available in all rooms.*

Auditorium (Chairs Only)
Auditorium Set Up
Hollow Square Conference
 Hollow Square Set Up
Classroom (table/chairs on one side)
 Classroom Set Up
U-Shape Conference
U-Shape Set Up
Banquet/Rounds (8 chairs per table)
Rounds Set Up
Existing ("as is").^
Empty (no chairs or tables in the room)
Other (see below)
Please use this space to describe your set up needs if you chose "Other" as a set up option.

Please note the following:

  • You are responsible for providing tablecloths/skirting, if needed, for the event.
  • ^The "Existing" set up configuration will always be used for the following rooms: Portico A, Portico E, Varsity, M Lounge.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Select all audio/visual equipment needed:

Easel(s), how many? Portable Screen
Flip Chart and Markers Mac Dongle/Adapter
Podium Mic Freestanding TV
Standing Mic Podium
Wireless Hand Held Mic Pipe & Drape 
Lapel Mic Stage section (6 ft x 8 ft each)
LCD Video Projector/TV in room^ Computer Laptop
^Please skip this section if you will not need usage of a projector or laptop for your meeting or event. If you are bringing your own laptop to connect to one of our projectors or TVs, please select below which operating system your laptop operates with. If unknown at this time please contact the Reservations Office at as soon as this information is known.
PC Mac/Apple

Please use this space to communicate any special instructions or other AV needs not found in the above section:


If you are expecting media coverage (i.e. television, radio, newspaper), please discuss with the Meetings and Events Coordinator at 214-768-4440 or


We do not allow food prepared at an individual's residence to be served in our building.

Will you have food and/or beverage at this event? No Yes. If yes, the answers below are required:

Type of event: Boxed

Indicate how food/beverage will be provided:

Food and/or beverage will be served through a caterer. (A health permit & certificate of insurance must be on file with Risk Management)
Name of Caterer:

Food and/or beverage will be delivered by an outside food service provider (e.g. Subway, etc.)
Name of Provider:

Store-bought food and/or beverage will be brought in (e.g. Kroger, Central Market, etc.)
Name of Store:

I have not yet made arrangements for catering, but I agree to provide the HTSC Staff Office with the necessary catering information no later than 10 working days prior to the event.

Please indicate how many tables you will need in the room to hold food. Please note these tables will be 8 feet long x 30 inches wide, unless otherwise indicated by the Reservations Office. Please leave this blank if you do not need any tables.
8' wide catering table. How many?

This form is a request only. Your reservation is not final until you have received an estimate, and signed and returned one copy to the Hughes-Trigg Staff Office in person, via email, or fax. Any changes to your room reservation must be made at least 2 business days (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5pm) in advance to avoid a late fee.

Additional Information:



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