Temperature represents a basic physical property of the Earth's crust.  Two of the deepest detailed temperature measurements have been made to a depth of about 12 km in the Kola well in Russia and to about 9 km in a borehole in Germany.  SMU Geothermal Lab has logged 100s of wells, collecting direct measurements in shallow (< 500 meters), intermediate (500 - 1500 meters), and deep (1500 - 8000 meters) wells.  We have been measuring well temperatures for almost 40 years, primarily in the Western and Central United States. 

The SMU Geothermal Lab studies the Earth’s temperature by direct measurement in the crust and then uses the information for computer modeling of the lithosphere. 


Current Well Logging Tools


Max. Temp.

Max. Depth

One (1) Truck mounted electric line system


4 km

Two (2) Slick-line computer tools


8 km

Multiple portable temperature systems


up to 1 km

Equipment Measurement Capability

Collar Locator

Gamma Ray

Spinner Flow Velocity


Fluid Pressure



Temperature-Depth Curve  Examples and Tutorial


Articles  on Logging Techniques and Temperature-Depth Curves


Pictures of the SMU Geothermal Lab logging wells


Company information for Temperature Measurement Equipment

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