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Robert Hunt


ROBERT D. HUNT - Theoretical Physicist / Inventor

Robert D. Hunt began his design and engineering career in 1969 as a New Nuclear designer for Newport News Shipbuilding, then a division of Tenneco Oil Company, where he designed nuclear reactor components for the U.S.S. Nimitz Aircraft Carrier.

Mr. Hunt became a private inventor during the mid-1980s while involved in the field of aquaculture. His firm the Redfish Hatchery was the first commercial company to successfully spawn redfish. For the aquaculture community, he invented and patented a cryogenic liquid oxygen system that pumps water via gas-lift using pure oxygen gas that simultaneously supersaturates oxygen into the water to support high-density fish culture. This was Mr. Huntís first patent in 1986; and, his oxygen-lift system has become the standard of the aquaculture industry today. He has since dedicated his time to the development of his proprietary alternative, clean-energy generating technologies focused on low temperature power generation.

Mr. Hunt is the inventor of the GravityPlane that can fly without the use of fuels by creating an Atmospheric batch power cycle to control buoyancy using the thermal energy in the air near the earth as the energy source and rejecting heat to cold air at substantial height in order to accomplish fuel-less flight (See In association with the GravityPlane he created a revolutionary new design vertical axis wind turbine that harnesses the windís energy by the use of both drag and lift the employs Delta drag Ė the unit opens to create high drag to harness the kinetic energy of the wind then closes to go into the wind with minimal drag, while also creating lift.

Mr. Hunt is the inventor of the thermoelectric generator; and, his device has successfully generated power from the heat energy in the air with thermoelectric modules, using the stored solar thermal energy contained in the atmosphere as the energy source with heat rejection to cryogens at temperature ranges in the hundreds of degrees below freezing. In the process of vaporizing cryogens, electrical power is generated from stored solar thermal energy contained in air surrounding us.

Mr. Hunt has also invented a refrigeration cycle that uses the natural refrigerants air and water as the working fluids in the same manner as the earth does that is capable of producing either heat or cooling. The cycle works like an evaporative cooling unit that evaporates water to provide cooling, but is operated as a closed cycle -- with air being a pressure equaling gas to cause evaporation of the water at lower temperature. Because there are no harmful refrigerants used, one university has stated that Mr. Huntís refrigeration may be the only form of refrigeration that is allowed at some future date. 

Mr. Hunt began work on devices to harness the kinetic energy of natural gas wells in 1998; and, he has gained extensive experience in the design, construction, and use of both rotary and linear high-pressure equipment in the field. He is the inventor of the drum jet turbine and is the founder of Linear Power Ltd. that manufactures an innovative new line of linear power equipment designed to harness the kinetic energy of natural gas wells and geothermal resources.

Mr. Hunt is considered one of the leading authorities in low temperature power generation; and, he serves as an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) intellectual property consultant to the Abell Foundation, Baltimore, MD, which has the goal of producing power from the stored solar thermal energy within the worldís oceans -- principally for island nations.

Mr. Hunt is the author of a number of published technical papers; and, he has made numerous conference presentations in the fields of Aquaculture, Aviation, and in Geothermal Power Generation.

News articles have been published regarding Mr. Huntís inventions in almost every country in the world Ė most notably the GravityPlane that was recently featured in two of Japanís largest magazines during the same month. Mr. Hunt is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), a member of the National Business Aviation Association, a member of the National Hydrogen Association, and he served as the first Chairman for the State of Mississippi for the Gulf of Mexico Program as an advisor to the EPA. Mr. Hunt received his degrees from colleges in the Mississippi State.



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