Updated and combined data files:

California08.xls or California08.csv - Updated data for California up to 9-2008.

AMAX data for CA, NM, NV, AZ, CO, and VA

README file for specific information about these data bases.

Original Data Files


Calif89.csv - Data base points for California up to 1989.

Calif96.csv - Updates for California data base since 1989.

Calshf89.csv - Data points from the California shelf area. This also includes points from the shelf along Mexico.

Reference list for data base, Microsoft Word 6.0 format, or Reference in text format.


You may submit requests to Maria Richards for more detailed information on the wells.



CA99.XLS  and CA99.csv - the California data base wells in two different formats.


Reference list for data base in alphabetical order or by Geothermal areas, Microsoft Word 6.0;
    *.txt format - alphabetical order or  Geothermal areas

If you are aware of more recent data for this area or older data that are missing, please let us know.

Disclaimer:  the well information in the two data bases has been checked for accuracy to the best of our ability.  The data came from many sources and some wells have different values for the given information.  When this occurs we often left in both values.  With a data base this size there will always be more corrections and hope that if you discover wells that need to be corrected that you will pass this information on to Maria Richards.  We would also recommend that you let us know that you are using the data base,  that way we can let you know about any future corrections.

Thank you.   mrichard@mail.smu.edu.

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