Courses  (More detailed information)
       Heat Flow
       Geothermal Systems
       Heat Flow and Plate Tectonics
       Thermal Structure of Sedimentary Basins
        Potential Field Methods

 Short Courses
       Thermal Techniques Applied to Geothermal Exploration
       Integrated Geophysical Approaches to Geothermal Exploration
       Thermal Structure of Sedimentary Basins


Project Examples - Abstracts of publications
      San Andreas Temperature/Earthquake Regime-abstract of paper
      Cascadia Subduction Zone Thermal Regime-abstract of paper
      Interpretation of the Geophysical Data in the Vale, Ore. Geothermal System - GRC-Tran., 1996
      Thermal history of the Browse Basin and implications with Petroleum exploration-Dis., 1997
      Heat Flow and Thermal History of the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma- AAPG, 1998
      Equipment Techniques: Geothermics, 1998
      High Resolution Temperature Logs in a Petroleum Setting – BOOK, 1998

      Thermal Structure of the Anadarko Basin – AAPG, 1998


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    Current Students


  Joseph Batir


Zachary Frone


Andres Ruzo

Nicole Sica   Patrick Stepp   Mahesh Thakur







Previous Students

Steven W. Burns Depositional environments and associated facies of the Late Jurassic Bossier Formation, Freestone County, East Texas Basin Masters
Kamil Erkan Post subduction thermal regime of the western North America and effects on the Great Valley, Sierra Nevada and northern Baja-California provinces PhD
Onofre Espanola Acoustic Impendance Inversion and AVO Analysis on the Pliocene Shallow Gas Sands, Rio Bravo Field, San Joaquin Basin, California Masters
Peter Kubik Salt-sediment interaction of northeast Auger Basin, offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico Masters
Jason McKenna Thermal structure in the shallow portion of the cascadia subduction zone, Oregon : implications for decollement strength and earthquake potential PhD, Call Number - QE1D 2002.M35
Paten Morrow Reservation Characterization through Inversion and Attribute Analysis on the Dakota and Pardox Formations, Ute Dome Field, San Juan Basin Masters
Petru Negraru Investigation on air to ground coupled waves and other geophysical studies PhD
Ken Wisian Numerical modeling of basin and range geothermal systems and other geophysical studies PhD, Call Number - QE1D 1999.W57


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